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< pwnagetool> man what the fuck are you guys doing, you have the biggest cryptocurrency thus the biggest responsibility and yet here you are not even making it worth mining or trading (massive fees) FIX THE FLOW
< phantomcircuit> pwnagetool, go away
< pwnagetool> why
< pwnagetool> bitcoin as an idea is the original and thus the best, don't let other shitcoins lead the way
< meshcollider> pwnagetool: bitcoin core is fully open source, feel free to start contributing to help improve it :)
< meshcollider> pwnagetool: not fair for someone who doesnt even try to contribute to start criticizing what those who do put in effort do
< pwnagetool> i'd rather hook up a easy ponzi bot on all cryptocurrency wallets crash the entire system over time, way easier and far more fun
< mlz> meshcollider, it's a generation of entitlement brats, all they can do is "me me me, gimme gimme but i don't want to give back "
< pwnagetool> simply share equally between previous investors relative to invested amount, instant transfers & no fees, what would happen over time
< meshcollider> pwnagetool: how on earth are you suggesting we create "instant transfers & no fees"? Its not as simple to do that as to say it...
< pwnagetool> i do it with a bot on not only bitcoin, but all cryptocurrencies including the ones with instant transfer no fees
< pwnagetool> no added fees ontop of the ones that already are*
< mlz> pwnagetool, you're a thief
< meshcollider> and "simply share equally between previous investors relative to invested amount" sounds like a pyramid scheme
< pwnagetool> the entire currency system is theft in my opinion, waste of energy making us divided
< meshcollider> pwnagetool: you're off topic for this channel, please take this discussion to #bitcoin
< pwnagetool> we have food growing on trees, there is no logic in having a debt based economy while people are starving really. simply share and care easy business, this has to do with bitcoin too
< meshcollider> pwnagetool: move to #bitcoin channel, not here...
< pwnagetool> just pointing out a "vulnerability" too, if you care to think and ask yourself deeply why spend this amount of energy on anything other than care for eachother and have fun enjoy life while we can? we're all born as innocent children really
< pwnagetool> and all die alone, it's the fear that's screwing things up
< pwnagetool> better put some love into the btc project learn programming for myself and have the now wasted computer recourses solving hashes go to something useful & speed up the network
< pwnagetool> the original bitcoin idea was to be able to get rid of poverty, share easily and give everyone a chance in life and now it's turning into a big ass energy wasting infinitely complex hash solving greed machine doing the exact opposite, make bitcoin great again yo' life is about having fun together
< echeveria> pwnagetool: please take this elsewhere, this is a development channel.
< mlz> please ban this fool
< pwnagetool> keep telling yourself that
< pwnagetool> it hurts though, but thanks for trying
< pwnagetool> i'm here due to that exact reason, it's a development channel.
< phantomcircuit> wumpus, sipa ^
< pwnagetool> i hope some dev picked up on the message which is clear; fear can stop your love, love can stop your fear, make the best of the little time we have together please and stop hurting each other for no reason
< pwnagetool> peace
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< cluelessperson> "Warning: unknown new rules activated (versionbit 1)" eh?
< aj> cluelessperson: segwit activated twice on testnet i guess?
< cluelessperson> hm
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< meshcollider> merry christmas from NZ everyone ;)
< imnothreat> this is the end, my beautiful friend, the end of everything you've bought, the end
< Varunram> wrong channel, imnothreat
< imnothreat> which is right for me
< Varunram> #bitcoin maybe
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