< achow101> how do I use cookie auth with curl
< achow101> I keep getting 401 unauthorized
< gmaxwell> look in the file, see the username and passowrd. use it.
< gmaxwell> you might be having an escaping problem with the password.
< gmaxwell> I think I opened an issue that some http software is moronic and won't escape things as the http protocol requires... and we should subset the character set used.
< achow101> It looks right to me. This is the line for the cookie from using curl in verbose > Cookie: __cookie__:Yxv/LANJXLkG19E9tjJNNETb8GAtyZDfVe0zjAd0LZE=
< gmaxwell> > Cookie? cookie auth has nothing to do with http cookies.
< gmaxwell> is a character that might get mangled.
< achow101> then what are the cookies for if not for https cookies?
< achow101> *http
< gmaxwell> cookie /n./
< gmaxwell> A handle, transaction ID, or other token of agreement between cooperating programs. "I give him a packet, he gives me back a cookie." The claim check you get from a dry-cleaning shop is a perfect mundane example of a cookie; the only thing it's useful for is to relate a later transaction to this one (so you get the same clothes back). Compare magic cookie; see also fortune cookie.
< gmaxwell> ^ hackers dictionary definition of the word; same term is used for authentication in many protocols, including X11...
< achow101> so it's just used as a normal user:password combo for auth?
< gmaxwell> In the case of bitcoin the cookie auth is an ephemeral username and password, saved in a cookie file, which can be used for HTTP authentication.
< gmaxwell> Yes.
< gmaxwell> the username is __cookie__ and the password is Yxv/LANJXLkG19E9tjJNNETb8GAtyZDfVe0zjAd0LZE=
< achow101> great! Terminology here can be very confusing...
< gmaxwell> I never expected someone to confuse it with http cookies, but I can see why someone might!
< MarcoFalke> wumpus: Sorry for letting the qa/test pulls pile up. I will try to look at them next week.
< wumpus> MarcoFalke: great, thank you!
< GitHub105> [bitcoin] btcdrak opened pull request #8662: Update btcdrak signing key (master...updatekey) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8662
< achow101> when did bitcoind stop appearing as if it was just hanging and actually launch the process in the background?
< sipa> achow101: -daemon
< sipa> introduced in version 0.2.2, february 2010 :)
< achow101> yeah, I just realized that
< achow101> forgot I had that set
< Chris_Stewart_5> What is the easiest way to check equivalency of two CDataStreams? There isn't a '==' operator defined
< sipa> add one :)
< GitHub8> [bitcoin] rebroad closed pull request #8642: Less reliance on protocol version (master...LessRelianceOnNodeVersion) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8642
< GitHub195> [bitcoin] mruddy opened pull request #8663: trivial: remove unnecessary variable fDaemon (master...trivial_fDaemon) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8663
< Chris_Stewart_5> sipa: Definitely open to that, I'm just trying to figure out where the underlying buffer is that hold all of the bytes inside of CDataStream
< sipa> the data is stored in CDataStream::vch
< Chris_Stewart_5> and vector_type is some generic type that is determined at runtime for efficiency or something?
< sipa> no, it is exactly CDataStream
< sipa> eh
< sipa> it is exactly CSerializeData
< sipa> typedef just gives a new name to an existing type
< sipa> see the line above
< Chris_Stewart_5> Just making sure I am following these typdefs correctly..
< sipa> indeed
< Chris_Stewart_5> thanks
< sipa> bah, it seems c++ concepts won't even be included in C++17
< luke-jr> :x
< sipa> (concepts would make template matches more efficient, and its error messages much more readable)
< luke-jr> LLVM does a decent job at template errors; G++ isn't bad these days either.
< sipa> yeah, but inherently the language pretty much requires the compiler to just try all combinations, and see if one doesn't result in (certain classes of) compile errors
< sipa> which means it can't tell you why matching failed, only what it tried
< sipa> anyway, reading http://honermann.net/blog/2016/03/06/why-concepts-didnt-make-cxx17/, i do agree with the arguments against
< sipa> but that probably means in practice we can't use it in bitcoin core until 2024 or so :p
< gmaxwell> it'll take that long to catch up with C++11 anyways. :)
< sipa> the changes in c++14 aren't that big
< sipa> just more of the same... more constexpr, more auto, ...
< GitHub142> [bitcoin] fivepiece closed pull request #8598: Fix displaying of invalid and non-minimal small pushes as numbers (master...fixasm) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8598