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< spudowiar> Not sure about this
< spudowiar> Basically, if you do validateaddress on a hardware wallet address
< spudowiar> It will say "ismine": true and "iswatchonly": false
< spudowiar> Which is technically a lie, but might be useful for compatibility
< luke-jr> spudowiar: is it a lie?
< luke-jr> I would think it would say the same as if it was a locked encrypted wallet file
< spudowiar> If I use addmultisig, do I then use zapwallettxes to scan for UTXOs for that multisig address?
< spudowiar> I've tried -rescan and that didn't work, so I'm trying -zapwallettxes now
< spudowiar> Doubt that'll work though
< sipa> spudowiar: you need to addaddress as well
< sipa> spudowiar: addmultisig just informs the wallet about a possible redeemscript
< sipa> you still need to actually watch for it
< spudowiar> Thanks :)
< spudowiar> Wait
< spudowiar> There's no addaddress RPC method
< spudowiar> (I remember looking for it :)
< spudowiar> sipa: It's showing the address as a "Sending address"
< sipa> importaddress, soory
< spudowiar> Thanks :)
< spudowiar> Now, it's seeing it as TX_SCRIPTHASH, not TX_MULTISIG
< spudowiar> How do I fix this?
< spudowiar> validateaddress is showing it as multisig
< sipa> P2SH outputs are TX_SCRIPTHASH yes
< spudowiar> Yep, but it should be able to detect the scriptPubKey is multisig because it has the redeemScript, right?
< sipa> where?
< sipa> you're saying "it's seeing it as TX_SCRIPTHASH", what is 'it'?
< spudowiar> It's a scriptPubKey that pays to a multisig address
< sipa> you haven't answered my question
< spudowiar> The scriptPubKey is a914b7f06dc2f7e39ad712c75633247ac3e33238367387
< spudowiar> The redeemScript is 5221030e669acac1f280d1ddf441cd2ba5e97417bf2689e4bbec86df4f831bf9f7ffd02103f94638530818d14d7d2ae9b77aa387a6ab26bd01cbc11cf966a64f13d903910452ae
< spudowiar> sipa: What were you asking in particular?
< sipa> something is telling you it's a TX_SCRIPTHASH output
< sipa> what is that something
< spudowiar> decodescript <scriptPubKey>
< sipa> decodescript is a utility RPC, not a wallet RPC
< sipa> it doesn't know about redeemscripts
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