< gmaxwell> ossifrage: so, going to PR the mmap limit bump?
< ossifrage> gmaxwell, I thought it already was?
< gmaxwell> oh
< gmaxwell> ossifrage: Where?
< ossifrage> Oh, I was thinking of this: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12495
< ossifrage> but that isn't about the mmap thing
< gmaxwell> yea, it just mentions it. You should go open one.
< ossifrage> 4096 maps?
< gmaxwell> sounds like a fine number to me.
< ossifrage> Huh, my pr failed in travis...
< fanquake> ossifrage The problem is we have a linter that barfs whenever someone edits a subtree
< gmaxwell> lol
< kallewoof> I'm scratching my head over functional tests. It seems like the tests create wallet files before starting up nodes. At least, the single call to CWallet::CreateWalletFromFile() concludes that fFirstRun=false...
< jnewbery> kallewoof: there's a cache. Look at the _initialize_chain() method in test_framework.py. That starts up MAX_NODES (8), which will create wallets for them.
< wumpus> is there any example of using bitcoind json-rpc API with rust?
< wumpus> there's https://github.com/apoelstra/rust-jsonrpc but it has only a very general example, ideal would be some project that uses it to communicate with bitcoind already
< queip> wumpus: isn't one of LN implementations in rust, and capable of that
< wumpus> I've checked that--there's BlueMatt's rust-lightning but it doesn't seem to communicate with bitcoind
< wumpus> this serde stuff is a similar approach to haskell's json, which is on one hand nice but on the other hand a pain in the butt because it requires to statically specify all structures
< provoostenator> If anyone has a 64 bit ARM device with a monitor, can you test if your keyboard works with #13696? Binary is at the bottom of issue.
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/13696 | Add aarch64 qt depends support for cross compiling bitcoin-qt by TheCharlatan · Pull Request #13696 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> I can give it a try tomorrow