< sipa> I AM BACK
< gmaxwell> I always wondered why you and adam appeared to seldom be in the same place at the same time.
< gmaxwell> hah
< midnightmagic> 403 - Forbidden
< midnightmagic> boo
< luke-jr> sipa: hi Adam
< BlueMatt> is a rust-lightning client that uses bitcoin core's rpc
< BlueMatt> https://github.com/TheBlueMatt/rust-lightning-bitcoinrpc/blob/master/src/rpc_client.rs is a simple rpc client that kinda half-asses error handling
< BlueMatt> I use that file in a few other things
< wumpus> BlueMatt: thanks!
< wumpus> yes I'm not going to use it for anything critical, half-assed is fine, just trying to find an excuse to do a shitty tool in rust instead of python for a change
< jonasschnelli> how do I write x bytes from CDataStream a to CDataStream b?
< jonasschnelli> nm. Figures it out; stream_a.insert(stream_a.begin(), stream_b.begin(), stream_b.begin() + len).
< wumpus> yeah...