< unixb0y> .
< unixb0y> HI guys, I have a little issue with the initial Bitcoin Core setup.
< unixb0y> After around 7GB an error appeared, saying the wallet file is corrupted.
< unixb0y> So I moved the file to a different location assuming it would just create a new file on the next startup and so it was.
< unixb0y> Then of course it had to reindex and when it was almost finished, it made my computer crash.
< unixb0y> Now I’ve “deleted” (renamed) all logfiles as well as the last blk and rev files from the blocks folder as I’ve read that somewhere
< unixb0y> Any advice is appreciated!
< gmaxwell> get a computer that doesn't corrupt data under load. :(
< gmaxwell> run memtest x86.
< unixb0y> I’m actually doing it on my main machine
< gmaxwell> Unfortunately, Bitcoin actually makes quite full use of the computer and so if its flaky at all it'll croak out. deleting blk and rev files is never going to help anything.
< unixb0y> It looks like after renaming the logfiles it does *not* re index, instead it downloads it again
< unixb0y> :/
< sipa> you need to start with -reindex to make it reindex
< unixb0y> Thanks for the info regarding the blk/rev files.
< gmaxwell> if you were almost finished it should continue where it left off when you crashed, depending on how almost.
< sipa> it won't just see "hey there are files with blocks i'm not using"
< unixb0y> sipa: I run bitcoin-qt tbh :P
< sipa> irrelevant.
< unixb0y> How would I start it from the command line?
< sipa> bitcoin-qt -reindex
< unixb0y> Ok
< unixb0y> Thx
< sipa> this discussion should probably move to #bitcoin
< unixb0y> Ok
< jonasschnelli> Whats the best way to cleanse a CKey? CPrivKey seems easy, but looks like CKey misses a correct cleanse (say I have a CKey class member)...
< jonasschnelli> Call MakeNewKey() seems unnecessary expansive
< sipa> you can add a SetNull method or os
< jonasschnelli> I guess I should. Yes.
< sipa> just memset to 0
< sipa> it's already calling LockObject
< sipa> in the consturctor
< jonasschnelli> sipa: no using memory_cleanse(keydata.data(), keydata.size());?
< jonasschnelli> *not