<jeremyrubin> Nominating is different from Volunteering someone -- for example if I said "who here thinks they are the best c++ programmer in Bitcoin", we'd probably dunning-kruger ourselves into the best person being too humble to put themselves out there. Smart people are shy oftentimes! A nomination process "who do you think is the best C++ programmer in
<jeremyrubin> Bitcoin?" invites more personality types to be put forward, and eliminates the social awkwardness of self promotion/confidence.
<jeremyrubin> If I ask who thinks they are the best c++ programmer, and then Alice says it is her, and Alice is popular, that might discourage Bob from tossing their name out because they don't want to challenge Alice. Or, maybe Bob likes Alice and wants to keep things nice between them. A nomination process + Q&A is superior because if someone -- anyone --
<jeremyrubin> Further, a nomination process doesn't preclude the idea that you can turn down a nomination, it is still a volunteer role. If you don't want to do it no one is pressuring you. This isn't harry potter and the goblet of fire after all! One can also ask a potential nominee if they would prefer not to be nominated before publicly nominating, if you're
<jeremyrubin> thinks Bob might be better than Alice, they can put the name forward for discussion without it being a challenge.
<jeremyrubin> worried about social tact.
<jeremyrubin> I do not have a determination on if jonatack or vasild would be "better". However, I do think it is worth thinking through if we should, for the given role, accept one, both, or neither.
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