< afk11> What would be the plan for the OP_CSV softfork? I notice the block v5 and the script verification flag is shared with segwit. They could be soft-forked serially in v5, but perhaps different script flags?
< btcdrak> afk11: that'll get resolved at merge.
< afk11> btcdrak: do we know if there'll be two soft forks? TBD?
< btcdrak> afk11: TDB. I personally see no reason not to combine them as one.
< Luke-Jr> sipa: #7217.. "@sipa and I went back and traced the blame for that line…it looks like when the corruption possible flag was set for this case, it was, indeed needed as it was checked before the merkle tree was checked. As the order has now changed we do, indeed, no longer need this check."
< Luke-Jr> sipa: so you can confirm the order in 0.10 is safe for that?
< sipa> Luke-Jr: i need to look, thanks for reminding me of that
< cjcj> Why is the version of segwit proposal only 1 byte? Doesn't this limit the number of script upgrades to 256?
< aj> cjcj: byte 1 = 0xFF can indicate scripts where the second byte is also a version byte, etc. switching to varints anytime prior to version 253 would work too
< cjcj> Yeah, I figured that was an alternative. Just wondering why not start out with 2 bytes and have 65k upgrades available. Maybe things will change dramatically until then such that 2 bytes will be unnecessary? Just like the solution of having the last nop instruction specify an additional byte to introduce more op_codes will not be necessary anymore now with segwit around the corner.
< aj> cjcj: treating it as a varint lets you start out with 1 byte and end up with 2**64 upgrades
< cjcj> Ah, didn't carefully read your response. Didn't realize it was varint.
< aj> cjcj: it's not varint today (at least it wasn't last i looked), but the current behaviour is indistinguishable from if it were a varint :)
< afk11> cjcj: OP_0-OP_16 is the 'minimal' way to represent 1-16. We can do things like 0x0117 <push> to say it's a version 17 script.
< GitHub195> [bitcoin] paveljanik opened pull request #7326: [Trivial] Fix typo, wrong information in gettxout help text (master...patch-15) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7326
< jl2012> cjcj: you just need another softfork to give you more versions. When you need more versions, you must have a softfork anyway
< Jimmy16> is there away to know if the same btc address is from the same seed from a on-line wallet?
< PRab> Jimmy16: Not unless you have access to the wallet. HD wallets are intentionally designed that way to protect users privacy.
< sipa> Jimmy16: #bitcoin
< Jimmy16> copy