< GitHub123> [bitcoin] CodeCloudMe opened pull request #7356: readme updated for classic (master...smallthings) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7356
< gmaxwell> lol
< brg444> ^ ah!
< gmaxwell> brg444: "unintentional honesty"
< jabd> i'm just getting into bitcoin now... where is the canoncial source? I'm getting a bit confused with all of the fork discussions from the past couple of weeks... maybe another way I should put this is - who is canonical upstream? Is github official, should I only pull from https://bitcoin.org/en/download or bitcoinclassic.com?
< jabd> also, where can I get the latest info for where everyone is headed e.g XT vs 2mb etc
< Luke-Jr> jabd: Bitcoin has no canonical/official anything.
< Luke-Jr> jabd: http://bitcoincore.org for stuff by the Core dev team, including scaling plans for Bitcoin
< jabd> ok thanks
< jabd> Luke-Jr: on bitcoin.org, I can see lots of mentions of "Bitcoin Core", but I can't see anywhere it links to bitcoincore.org?
< Luke-Jr> jabd: bitcoin.org is neither official for Bitcoin *nor* for Bitcoin Core
< p15> those are created by separate people / entities
< p15> bitcoin.org has more info on wallets etc
< jabd> so when if people are running Bitcoin code from different places, are they possibly running on the same blockchain or different blockchains? Is there an "official" Bitcoin blockchain, or are these "forks" all running on their own networks? So confused
< jabd> How's best to educate myself on this more?
< p15> ask in #bitcoin maybe
< btcdrak> sort of OT question, sorry, but how many devs here use Macbooks for their coding work?
< gmaxwell> what what OS?
< gmaxwell> e.g. bluematt has a macbook but it runs linux.
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<@wumpus> I use only linux and *bsd
<@wumpus> linux mostly debian and ubuntu
<@wumpus> interesting, looks like github upgraded their openssh (probably to 7.0), at least it no longer accepts dsa keys
<@wumpus> about time I suppose
<@wumpus> btcdrak: I'm fairly sure jonasschnelli uses macosx for coding work
< GitHub123> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/e1060c56cca7...fd9356ba4eb5
< GitHub123> bitcoin/master c0cf48d Cory Fields: c++11: add scoped enum fallbacks to CPPFLAGS rather than defining them locally...
< GitHub123> bitcoin/master fd9356b Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7322...
< GitHub6> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7322: c++11: add scoped enum fallbacks to CPPFLAGS rather than defining them locally (master...c++11-prep) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7322
< GitHub28> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7268: Formatting/gramattical fixes in fees.h (master...fix-typos-fees) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7268
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< GitHub94> [bitcoin] laanwj pushed 2 new commits to 0.12: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/fbea2f64e234...d7c54c5a9db6
< GitHub94> bitcoin/0.12 82667af Alex Morcos: release note fixups
< GitHub143> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #7336: release note fixups (0.12...rnfixes) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/7336
< GitHub94> bitcoin/0.12 d7c54c5 Wladimir J. van der Laan: Merge pull request #7336...
< fanquake> Building sigs for 0.12.0rc1
<@wumpus> thanks fanquake - we still need another signee (at least for win-signed and osx-signed) before uploading executables
<@wumpus> mind that you need the descriptors from fbea2f6 (in 0.12 branch) to build the -signed and attach the signatures
< fanquake> Ok. So you have to apply a commit manually to to be able to build?
<@wumpus> nope. Just check out that commit
<@wumpus> (in the repository directory that you use to refer to for the descriptors)
<@wumpus> normally you'd check out 0.12.0rc1, but then the signature attachment will error that it misses a package
<@wumpus> checking out v0.12.0rc1 still works fine for *building* everything, just not the -signer.ymls
< fanquake> Right, no worries. I'll keep that in mind once I get there. Cheers.
<@wumpus> this is a temporary trick and will no longer be needed for rc2
< fanquake> Yep. Fine for the early rc stage.
< GitHub36> [bitcoin] laanwj closed pull request #6312: BIP-68: Mempool-only sequence number constraint verification (master...sequencenumbers) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6312
< michagogo> hi, working on sigs
< michagogo> the OS X build failed, I think -- didn't have time to check friday afternoon
< michagogo> great, now VM isn't booting...
< michagogo> *removes "quiet splash*
< michagogo> "**
< michagogo> cfields: around?
< cfields> michagogo: yes
< michagogo> Something's very wrong with my OS X build
< cfields> ?
< michagogo> pastebiniting it now
< * michagogo> wonders what's taking so long
< michagogo> aaand it failed
< michagogo> One sec
< michagogo> (also, can I salvage the deps so I don't have to rebuild Qt?)
< paveljanik> michagogo, /usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory
< michagogo> paveljanik: there's a lot more weirdness
< michagogo> like, what's with all the nulls?
< michagogo> Seems like a big chunk of file is just missing
< michagogo> Er, okay, looks like a lot of files are missing in the qt build too.
< michagogo> I guess I can't salvage the deps
< michagogo> cfields: should I save anything for inspection, or can I start the build again?
< cfields> michagogo: did you by any chance build 0.12 with gitian before the bump to trusty?
< michagogo> cfields: what do you mean?
< cfields> did you do a gitian build of 0.12 a few months ago?
< michagogo> I don't think I've built anything other than tags since 0.11.x
< michagogo> no
< michagogo> Why do you ask?
< cfields> because that could've messed up your deps
< cfields> (did mine)
< michagogo> Hm, interesting
< michagogo> I mean, it seems it was building deps anyway
< michagogo> And also, it did already build windows and linux right before the failure
< michagogo> But since it was already rebuilding, I guess it can't hurt to nuke the 0.12 cache
< michagogo> Wait, no
< michagogo> nvm
< michagogo> micha@Trusty-64-VM:~/build/gitian-builder$ ls cache/bitcoin-osx-0.12/
< michagogo> micha@Trusty-64-VM:~/build/gitian-builder$
< michagogo> So the answer is definitely no
< cfields> ok
< michagogo> cfields: if you want, you can watch as I retry
< michagogo> ssh ro-thYmcEyGTTIm0RPJm3h2bJmCp@am2.tmate.io to see the build script, and ssh ro-me6PDf23hOTHOloQFCzphFCPj@fk2.tmate.io to see a tailf of the install/build logs
< cfields> michagogo: i'm hacking on a few things atm, but ping me when it's done :)
< michagogo> cfields: Okay, I'm not sure I'll still be awake when that happens, but I'll ping you if I see it
< michagogo> The tmates should stay up, though
< michagogo> cfields: so if all goes well, you should see a PR from me with the gitian sigs
< cfields> michagogo: great, thanks
< michagogo> If it fails again, those tmate sessions will let you see what's happening
< michagogo> If that happens hopefully I'll be able to work on it via teamviewer from the bus
< michagogo> cfields: it's breaking again
< michagogo> Again during the Qt build, something about files not being found
< michagogo> No, never mind
< michagogo> Looks like those were errors while it was detecting what's available
< michagogo> sorry about the false alarm
< michagogo> cfields: it died again
< michagogo> For real this time
< michagogo> cfields: looks like the same bizarre log, too
< michagogo> File not starting at the beginning even though I know it started properly from the tailf, and a ton of nulls
< michagogo> Ending at "creating qmake"
< wangchun> Lightsword: this channel ok?
< Lightsword> sure
< Lightsword> the issue with headers only mining is that poor propagation creates accidental selfish mining attacks
< Luke-Jr> what? no, it's because you make invalid blocks O.o
< instagibbs> i think it amplifies selfish mining once fees become larger fraction of reward
< Lightsword> Luke-Jr, it’s antpool’s fault mainly they have really bad propagation on one of their nodes
< Lightsword> Block 393554 in particular
< michagogo> Luke-Jr: I don't suppose you have any idea what might be causing my OS X gitian build to fail catastrophically?
< michagogo> The really weird thing is that somehow the build.log is breaking retroactively.
< michagogo> Tailf-ing it, I see the depends building normally. I walk away while it's doing Qt, and then come back to find it failed, and then when I check the log file again it's a few weird lines, then a ton of null bytes, and then the log resumes at "creating qmake"...
< Luke-Jr> michagogo: try less to view it maybe?
< Luke-Jr> Shift-F in less acts as tail
< michagogo> Luke-Jr: when I lessed it I got the "may be binary" warning
< michagogo> And then when I said yes, it was what I just described
< michagogo> A couple lines that were definitely not what should have been the beginning of the log, a whole lot of ^@, and then "creating qmake"