< luke-jr> yeah, kinda.
< luke-jr> (no objections if anyone wants to rename these statuses in a Process BIP, but that's how it is now)
< BlueMatt> yeayea, not suggesting we bother fixing, just pointing it out as strange
< BlueMatt> luke-jr: yea, i mean bip 111 looks complete and finalized to me
< luke-jr> BlueMatt: ok, I'll bump its Status then, thanks
< phantomcircuit> BlueMatt: too bad
< BlueMatt> phantomcircuit: huh?
< phantomcircuit> BlueMatt: spv clients that dont implement bip 111
< phantomcircuit> too bad
< luke-jr> phantomcircuit: BIP status doesn't change anything. It just documents the reality.
< phantomcircuit> luke-jr: yes i know i was there when amir wrote bip 1
< phantomcircuit> :P
< luke-jr> phantomcircuit: no wonder it had so many errors! :P jk
< phantomcircuit> im kind of surprised nobody has moved to modify it yet
< luke-jr> they have
< luke-jr> there's merged PRs modifying BIP 1, and open ones
< phantomcircuit> oh there's two
< btcdrak> The issue with BIPs is there are clearly two different tracks. but the workflow only covers on. there are consensus BIPs which have a clear objective state that doesnt really include accepted. Then there are non consensus BIPs which get adopted by a large chunk of the ecosystem, like BIP32 & BIP44
< btcdrak> also in some ways BIPs can be finalised by their authors, as in, they are not taking any more changes, so it is final, but that also doesnt reflect usage.
< btcdrak> we probably need to state flows in any case.
< sipa> i think consensus change BIPs should have completely separate states
< btcdrak> ack
< btcdrak> i think I wrote about this some months ago to the ML
< Valer> hi all
< Valer> Who is Bitcoin Core Developer?
< achow101> what's blocking 0.13.0 final?
< btcdrak> achow101: Nothing. At the last meeting we wanted to verify #8518 but it isnt a blocker now. I assume the tag will happen in the next couple of days.
< GitHub71> [bitcoin] MarcoFalke opened pull request #8557: [contrib] verifybinaries: Adjust parsing to new rc path (master...Mf1608-verifyBins) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8557