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< stevenroose> What are some "network identifiers" that can be used to generally refer to a "bitcoin network"? I.e. Mainnet, Testnet, Liquidv1, ...
< stevenroose> I'm thinking the network magic would be a good idea.
< promag> losing my mind with bitcoin-qt shutdown
< promag> event loop should be the last man standing
< tryphe> stevenroose, the network magic bytes for p2p: mainnet: f9beb4d9, testnet: 0b110907, regtest: fabfb5da
< dongcarl> Hey all, I've been working on making bitcoin builds with Guix, which I think can replace gitian for our release process one day. It is a very exciting package manger which will bring much better supply chain security to Bitcoin. Let me know your thoughts! https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/15277
< sipa> stevenroose: i don't understand the question
< promag> "bitcoind -nowallet -wallet=w1" should fail?
< luke-jr> promag: or perhaps void the bitcoin.conf wallets, and load wallet w1?
< promag> luke-jr: -wallet=w1 -nowallet -wallet=w2 -> only w2 is loaded?
< luke-jr> promag: I guess
< luke-jr> I suppose it makes sense if a user has an alias
< gleb> I've modified transaction transmission and sometimes (very rarely though) I'm getting "non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Witness program hash mismatch)". Any idea how it might happen or where should I look for? Transactions are generated by "bitcoin-cli sendtoaddress"
< gleb> This error pops up after one of the nodes receives a transaction through p2p and attempts to verify it (not the first node which crafts it)
< stevenroose> sipa: like I'm writing a BIP and I need a value to refer to what network something is relevant on (f.e. say the PSBT prefix (/HRP)) and instead of inventing a new value, I'm looking to re-use an existing one.
< stevenroose> I could do network magic bytes, psbt prefix, BIP44 coin type id, base58check address prefix byte (f.e. fixed at p2pkh), ... Address-specific ones are probably very bad.
< stevenroose> I think magic bytes are quite solid. More available in implementations than BIP44 coin type ids, f.e..
< sipa> stevenroose: if it's a BIP, no need to refer to anything but bitcoin and testnet
< sipa> you can have some other repository with ids or so
< luke-jr> stevenroose: BIP70 had chain ids as strings
< luke-jr> probably some other options too