< wumpus> -addnode=<ip> -connect=<ip> no, it's definitely not in the help
< wumpus> should probably be made similar to -bind doc
< promag_> wumpus: you ack 15002 but not 14941?
< fanquake> #15002
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15002 | 0.17: Backport #14941 by promag · Pull Request #15002 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> promag_: now I did
< promag> wumpus: x) sorry
< wumpus> promag
< wumpus> oh he's left
< wumpus> wait I need meshcollider anyway: can you please update the test in #15087 to check all three scenarios, then it can be emerged
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/15087 | Error if rpcpassword contains hash in conf sections by MeshCollider · Pull Request #15087 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> I'm getting "403 forbidden" in the github-merge script, is the github API broken again?
< fanquake> maybe? https://githubstatus.com/
< fanquake> "As part of the deprecation process of the "GitHub Services" feature" I thought that only just became a feature?
< wumpus> unfortunately yes that is being deprecated
< wumpus> it means no more IRC notifications :(
< fanquake> Ah
< fanquake> So that's why the bot hasn't been working
< promag> wumpus: yes
< HOla_> Hey
< wumpus> wow he waited 24 seconds for a reply
< promag> we are too slow
< wumpus> definitely
< fanquake> :(
< gkrizek> fanquake: You are thinking of GitHub Apps, which was just released a few months ago.
< gkrizek> wumpus: fanquake: I'd be happy to help migrate any tooling from GitHub Services to an App or API/Webhook. I'd imagine that would require Bitcoin Core org permissions though...
< wumpus> gkrizek: thanks for the offer! the permissions are only needed to add the webhook, not after that, so if you tell me what you need (URL, what events) I can add it
< wumpus> gkrizek: the only thing we've used github services for is the IRC notification
< wumpus> e.g. the bot that came in here and notified when a PR was merged, or there was a force-push, or a branch was added/deleted
< gkrizek> wumpus: Ok, great. So is that existing code for IRC notifications somewhere?
< achow101> gkrizek: it's github's own irc notifier service
< wumpus> no, I don't think github released that code
< wumpus> (it might be! I don't know)
< wumpus> it was as simple as "enter IRC server info" in the web if and their service would handle the irc part
< wumpus> achow101: yes that
< gkrizek> Oooh ok, I see. Let me research that then. GitHub should have done the upgrade already if that's the case!
< achow101> gkrizek: github is no longer offering that service
< achow101> there's no github app for it
< gkrizek> Ok, I think I'm with it now. So they are just getting rid of it. So we would either need to build our own or find a GitHub App that will do it
< achow101> yes
< gkrizek> I don't see any GitHub Apps in their Marketplace for IRC.
< wumpus> yes; though as it's out there, maybe someone already took that code and adopted it to webhooks
< gkrizek> wumpus: That's what I'm hoping to find
< gkrizek> My searches are coming up short. It seems like regardless of method, we'll need to host a service ourselves that is the intermediary between GitHub and IRC. So how is that normally handled?
< wumpus> dunno, it would have to run somewhere, could run it on my server that runs the mastodon bitcoinmerges bot (which queries the API instead of using a webhook, FWIW)
< gkrizek> wumpus: Ok, I can run it on my own infrastructure too. I just wasn't sure if there was a standard place/practice for stuff like this.