< gmaxwell> luke-jr: dude, wtf why are you whining about things like this https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/4u38yt/bitcoins_nervous_system_gets_an_upgrade_with/d5mnpg9 when I can't even get you to test things like BIP152 and createnewblock improvements?
< gmaxwell> median transaction size on the network has increased a lot in the last week or two. It's now around 350 bytes.
< gmaxwell> I wonder if a heavy transcting party started doing sendmanys.
< GitHub184> [bitcoin] UdjinM6 opened pull request #8394: Make sure all ports are 16 bit numbers (master...uint16port) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8394
< adiabat> howdy - not sure who was mining on testnet3, but it seems there are no longer any segwit-enabled miners operating
< adiabat> for a couple days, no segwit txs have gotten into blocks
< moli> adiabat, we're talking it on #bitcoin :)
< adiabat> ah ok
< luke-jr> hm, implementation problem for BIP 145
< luke-jr> turns out the *4 of sigops/sigoplimit is something the client needs to understand after all, since it constructs the generation transaction :/
< luke-jr> as well as the definition of weight :|
< luke-jr> not really sure how to fix this
< luke-jr> short of implementing weight-counting in clients
< sipa> luke-jr: no bare pubkeys in coinbase outouts. fixed
< luke-jr> or p2pkh?
< sipa> oh, right :(