< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] achow101 opened pull request #10571: [RPC]Move transaction combining from signrawtransaction to new RPC (master...combineraw-rpc) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10571
< dms0x7c3> ping
< morcos> One thing that would be nice to get in for 0.15 is better UI for using non-conservative fee estimates.
< morcos> They are really good for responding to improving conditions.. For instance 0.14 estimatatesmartfee 25 is 294 sat/B right now
< morcos> 0.15 is 252
< morcos> 0.15 non-conservative is 87
< morcos> I think there are a couple of ways we could thinkg aobut integrating this... Allowing to specify a target and conservativeness in calls to sendtoaddress and sendmany
< morcos> Doing something semi-automatically for RBF'able transactions
< morcos> GUI ability to do something
< morcos> jonasschnelli: ^^^^
< morcos> Anyway, just flagging to put this on other peoples radar too as not sure how much time I'll have to work on it
< luke-jr> can anyone figure out what's up with Travis for https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10512 ? the same test it's failing on passes locally :/
< luke-jr> aha, merging to master gets the failure :D
< BlueMatt> luke-jr: lol, you should put me down for "No" to "Segwit2x"
< BlueMatt> well, maybe "its a joke", but i guess thats not one of the options
< BlueMatt> at least in that column there isnt really nuance required :)
< luke-jr> BlueMatt: how's that? (don't you have a wiki account?)
< BlueMatt> oh, maybe i do
< BlueMatt> well there isnt much nuance required to explain that segwit2x is a joke
< BlueMatt> unlike the other things there where views of most people are much too nuanced to categorized, segwit2x is a laughable affront to bitcoin's utility and the technical decisions they're making seem to be entirely based on deliberately ignoring people who tried to give them advice and a deep lack of understanding of the system they're changing
< BlueMatt> so, in short, its a joke