< gmaxwell> 15 more 0.13.0 users need to upgrade to 0.13.1 for there to be more 0.13.1 than 0.13.0 nodes on the 21co counter.
< jtimon> or 29 new users upgrading from a bitcoin bank to a full node :p
< whphhg> God bless the Unlimited team.
< jtimon> whphhg: now that you mention god instead of the creator of the system, it comes to mind that we should probably have #bitcoin-religion to redirect people who make such comments, or commments like this one
< jtimon> anyway, the joke was that it was supposed to be 30, not 29
< whphhg> Get some rest
< GitHub182> [bitcoin] jtimon opened pull request #9087: RPC: WALLET: why not give more details when "generate" fails? (master...0.13-errors-rpc-mining) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9087
< GitHub137> [bitcoin] rebroad opened pull request #9088: Reduce ambiguity of warning message (master...LessAmbiguousWalletWarning) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/9088
< gmaxwell> according to 21inc 0.13.1 outnumbers 0.13.0 listening on the network now. 58 0.12.1 nodes need to upgrade for 0.13.1 to outnumber 0.12.1
< btcdrak> i notice 0.13.0 nodes are upgrading faster than 0.12.1
< btcdrak> can see on the user-agents chart here https://bitnodes.21.co/dashboard/?days=90
< wasi> because when 0.13.0 came out everyone was waiting for 0.13.1 already. i'm not surprised by that. but it's still nice to see that that's the case :)