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< Lauda> I did [insertUselessPapers]
< Lauda> oops
< archaeal> when adding commits to an open pull request, is the convention to squash them and force push, or keep them separate? I noticed the contributing readme mentions squashing before a merge to master, but I'm wondering about before that?
< promag> archaeal: usually it depends
< promag> if you already have reviews, maybe push a new commit
< archaeal> makes sense... thanks!
< promag> also, see git commit --fixup
< promag> it helps later when squashing if your PR has multiple commits and multiple fixups
< promag> usually I do git remote update origin && git rebase with origin/master when squashing
< promag> git rebase -i --autosquash origin/master
< archaeal> yeah i generally use fixup when squashing
< sipa> also, even if you squash, avoid rebasing until necessary
< archaeal> ok thanks
< sipa> it helps review if people can look at the diff between your new pr overall and the old version, without it being cluttered with changes from master
< archaeal> ah yes
< sipa> for simple PRs i generally don't care about squashing liberally
< promag> sipa: how do you diff with old version?
< sipa> git diff <commit> <commit>
< promag> how do you know the 1st commit?
< promag> especially in the case I push -f
< meshcollider> promag: you have to have checked out the branch locally first I think?
< sipa> promag: it's the one you acked before
< meshcollider> GitHub doesn't store commits which were overwritten with -f does it
< sipa> not for long, but you can easily pull them locally
< sipa> by adding the pulls branch to your remote
< sipa> that way you always have all commits locally from all prs
< promag> but I have to remote update all remotes right?
< sipa> i always use git fetch -a
< wxss> sipa, do you mean git fetch --all? Does that do the same as git remote update?
< sipa> -a is the same as --all
< wxss> git help fetch says -a is --append
< sipa> heh!
< sipa> you're right
< sipa> git remote update seems to do the same
< wxss> i can die happy now! yeah fetch --all and remote update seem to do the same afaict
< sipa> apparently the difference is that remote update skips remotes that have a skipDefaultUpdate option set
< wxss> right, remote update is configurable with groups and skipDefault, where fetch --all isn't
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< fanquake> Apologies to anyone who's PRs I have closed inadvertently, keep hitting the close button after writing comments…
< Randolf> fanquake++