< fanquake> wumpus I'll have a look into adding configure checks for 4.8+
< wumpus> fanquake: thanks! I looked around a bit and checking the type and version of the c++ compiler is harder than one'd expect, it's pretty much entirely unsupported
< wumpus> fanquake: might be most straightforward to just add a "check you compiler version, only gcc 4.8 and higher is supported" message when AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX fails
< wumpus> (and also add the minimum clang version then)
< wumpus> as that macro will already fail on gcc 4.7 apparently
< wumpus> and pass on 4.8
< fanquake> wumpus yep, I was having a bit of a look as well. Didn't seem that straight forward. Especially since Clang also defines __GNUC__ etc
< fanquake> No double cfields would have some black magic to get it done..
< fanquake> wumpus I think you suggestion is good though. I'll put together a PR.
< wumpus> yeah... what they suggest you really want to check is certain features, not the version number of the compiler, because different compilers have different version number schemes. But checking every single c++11 feature is going to be tiring
< wumpus> what we realy want to check is "c++11 support at the level of gcc 4.8"
< fanquake> wumpus Pretty certain GCC 4.8.1 is feature complete for c++11. So I think warning if AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX fails should be enough?
< sipa> we could just try to compile something with a thread_local variable
< wumpus> fanquake: yes, I think so... so we now require "full c++11" which is what that macro checks for
< wumpus> so adding a better message should be enough
< wumpus> sipa: yes, that would be another option
< promag> jonasschnelli: ping
< cluelessperson> I will be putting together some aggregated CSV data regarding block times, fees, transactions, etc. Let me know if you want a link
< promag> +1
< promag> sipa: should there be support for P2WPKH in signmessage?
< promag> verifymessage as well
< promag> sipa: nevermind, already noted in #11403 description.
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11403 | SegWit wallet support by sipa · Pull Request #11403 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> should we cancel today's meeting because of thanksgiving?
< luke-jr> I won't be able to make it, at leat
< luke-jr> least*
< wumpus> that's probably true for most people from the US
< instagibbs> still may be a critical mass, though I will not be around
< cluelessperson> wumpus: if there is a meeting, may I be present?
< wumpus> cluelessperson: there's no need to ask that
< wumpus> the meeting is here every week 19:00 UTC, everyone is welcome
< cluelessperson> sweet, sorry, I've been hanging in channel, but I've been avoiding speaking here as I feel I lack skill sets to be of much help
< wumpus> every week thursday*
< luke-jr> if you don't have something helpful to say, don't say it; if you do, say it XD
< cluelessperson> luke-jr: but my name is accurate!
< mlz> no meeting today though?
< sipa> i may be able to attend
< mlz> Happy Thanksgiving to all Core devs! Thank you for your hard work and dedication! :)
< Eliel> how much memory does the UTXO set require per txout currently and what's the theoretical minimum it can be pushed down to?
< Eliel> according to statoshi info, the current serialized UTXO set has ~55500000 transactions and that takes 2.9GB of space. So, that comes out to something like 53 bytes per utxo
< Eliel> I suppose I'll go with that.
< wumpus> mlz: thanks!
< wumpus> Eliel: it also needs to be in an efficient format to make updates, otherwise you end up rewriting the whole thing for every block
< Eliel> wumpus: would that be more than 53 bytes per txout?
< wumpus> I mean you can probably save some space by just concatenating the whole thing then putting it through a compressor with a large block size, but except as a snapshot it'd not be useful
< wumpus> I don't know.
< wumpus> it will still be of the same order anyhow
< Eliel> I'm trying to estimate the amount amount of RAM required on full nodes per user for LN users and non-LN users, so I guess the accuracy of the number is not a big issue. As long as it's not off by an order of magnitude :)
< jonasschnelli> Oh. It's thanks giving... I would be around for the meeting.
< wxss_> clear
< meshcollider> I'm flying to Sydney in half an hour or so so I'll only be here for the first part of the meeting if it's on
< achow101> Meeting?
< Provoostenator> Suggested topic: onboarding
< sipa> present
< jonasschnelli> here
< wumpus> #startmeeting
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< wumpus> #bitcoin-core-dev Meeting: wumpus sipa gmaxwell jonasschnelli morcos luke-jr btcdrak sdaftuar jtimon cfields petertodd kanzure bluematt instagibbs phantomcircuit codeshark michagogo marcofalke paveljanik NicolasDorier jl2012 achow101 meshcollider jnewbery maaku fanquake promag
< wumpus> Provoostenator: onboarding?
< wumpus> #topic high priority for review
< jonasschnelli> Should we discuss https://gist.github.com/sipa/125cfa1615946d0c3f3eec2ad7f250a2 (sipas wallet design)?
< jonasschnelli> ack
< Provoostenator> I'd like to propose adding a project Onboarding to this list: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/projects
< BlueMatt> wumpus: lol uhhhhhh its a holiday in .us
< * BlueMatt> expected meeting was cancelled today
< wumpus> Provoostenator: I don't understand what you mean with onboarding
< sipa> wumpus: bringing new people on board, i assume
< jonasschnelli> m2
< Provoostenator> That project would contain the first PR of any new contributor.
< wumpus> BlueMatt: yes, I asked whether to cancel the meeting earlier today
< sipa> we
< wumpus> BlueMatt: but only luke-jr was for it
< sipa> we're clearly at lower attendance, so let's avoid committing to anything
< sipa> doesn't mean things can't be discussed
< wumpus> I'm fine with cancelling the meeting
< BlueMatt> wumpus: heh, well everyone who would have suggested cancelling was already gone for vacation :p
< wumpus> ok
< jonasschnelli> Lets keep the meeting running...
< wumpus> meeting is cancelled today
< wumpus> #endmeeting
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< promag> nice
< jonasschnelli> ;-)
< achow101> we could still talk about things though
< jonasschnelli> Sure.
< promag> topic suggestion, network conf etc
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: what would be the benefit behind that (first PR) project ?
< Provoostenator> New PR's always get a lot of attention, but after a while they lose attention. That's fine for experienced devs, but I think it discourages new contribuors.
< * BlueMatt> -> vacation, see y'all next week
< promag> o/
< wumpus> Provoostenator: I think it's okay to go into this room and shout at people to review your PR
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: Yes. One needs endurance. :)
< Provoostenator> Once they get their first PR in, they're probably much more likely to keep contributing and be more assertive / patient.
< jonasschnelli> If it looses attention, then it's probably not priority or the dev did not shout loud enough
< jonasschnelli> The main bottleneck is still serious reviews
< kanzure> hi.
< achow101> jonasschnelli: sometimes people don't know that they should shout
< wumpus> I mean it's sometimes sad how PRs go ignored, but it's kind of how open source works, you need to bring attention to your PRs somehow
< kanzure> i missed the meeting :(
< Provoostenator> Yes, that's why this Project would only apply to the first PR. After that they can be encouraged to shout more.
< sipa> or people aren't aware that some things take a long time - and this doesn't mean they're not going to happen
< wumpus> e.g. if it fixes a issue, then reply to people posting issues to test your patch
< achow101> kanzure: we decided during the meeting that we wouldn't have a meeting :)
< jonasschnelli> sipa: indeed
< jonasschnelli> I think we should maybe add a beginners guide...
< jonasschnelli> Some people expect merges in 1-2 days.
< wumpus> add it to CONTRIBUTING.md
< jonasschnelli> yeah
< Provoostenator> Yeah, I've seen PR's by very experienced people open for over a year, so indeed peoples should have realistic expectations.
< jonasschnelli> Adding new PRs to the project would be another thing maintainers have to care about
< promag> there is also the case that a review sits there for a long time
< wumpus> bitcoin isn't really a good project for first time open source contributors in that regard, some projects just merge everything effectively instantly, but we cannot have a policy like that, not for first contributors ither
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: recently a 2yr old PR of mine got merged...
< sipa> my first PR took half a year, and that was in 2011 :)
< wumpus> promag: oh yes, indeed, some PRs get lots of review then the author pretty much just ignores it
< wumpus> promag: and they get closed after half a year or longer
< Provoostenator> @wumpus good point that it's not a good first open source project. Although the quality of reviews is really great for learning.
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: I think you could add a part in CONTRIBUTING.md
< jonasschnelli> that would be helpful for new contributors
< promag> right, it's also a bit weird to submit a PR, have reviews, and then it's ignored by the author
< BlueMatt> CBlockStore is still WIP from 2012 :p
< wumpus> authors can also get more attention by helping review other patches
< Provoostenator> I think contributing.md already says it takes a long time and you shoudl go on IRC.
< promag> true, some authors ignore other PR's, but that's more acceptable IMO
< wumpus> in any case of a PR really fixes a bug or issue, it won't usually take that long before it's merged unless something is wrong and not being fixed
< achow101> unfortunately people don't really read the documentation that explains what they should do
< Provoostenator> Yeah, so maybe something we could add to that doc is to encourage people to find a painful issue.
< wumpus> fix issues that affect peopel
< wumpus> yep
< achow101> easiest way to find issues is to read bitcointalk and wait for people to do stupid things
< wumpus> we mention that in the CONTRIBUTING a bit afaik, that a refactor or style change is a bad idea for first contributors
< Provoostenator> Though in that case we should make sure that that label is correctly applied.
< wumpus> maybe that could be extendded
< wumpus> Provoostenator: if you have suggestions on issues that should be labeled just highlight me or fanquake here
< promag> Provoostenator: there is also around 200 TODO in the code
< achow101> if we're actually going to use "good first issue" for this, we should probably remove the release schedule from that tag
< Provoostenator> I'm still not sure which issues are both easy enough for a first time contributor AND important enough to get attention in review.
< wumpus> achow101: yeah...
< achow101> it's funny and all, but has confused a few people too
< wumpus> achow101: makes it easy to find it though
< wumpus> achow101: really?
< achow101> make a release schedule tag
< wumpus> I think it's quite useful that the release schedule appears as one of the first issues people see
< Provoostenator> Has Google Summer of Code ever done Bitcoin Core projects? https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/
< wumpus> can't really think of a way that would confuse anyone
< achow101> wumpus: it was mostly confusion as to why that was there
< Provoostenator> I participated in that in 2008 and it was a great experience. I haven't followed the program since though.
< wumpus> we've never done that AFAIK
< Provoostenator> And they require a mentor from the project. I'm open to volunteer as a mentor.
< wumpus> if anyone has a proposal for a project that would be a good fit for it we could try, but I'm not sure
< achow101> redo the wallet
< sipa> achow101: lol
< achow101> ;)
< promag> ah
< jonasschnelli> heh...
< jonasschnelli> that's actually the topic i'd like to talk about
< jonasschnelli> (serious)
< aj> (integrated qt blockchain explorer?)
< Provoostenator> I don't know if we'd need to propose a project, or whether the student proposes a project (in coordination with a mentor).
< Provoostenator> I'll read up on it.
< jonasschnelli> sipa: your design documents states that there are a lot of changes that have to be made to the wallet,.. and...
< jonasschnelli> since we have multiwallet, would it not be simpler to add a 2nd wallet implementation that could be selective used for new wallets?
< wumpus> here, a PR by first-time contributor that gets a lot of review instantly: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11747
< sipa> jonasschnelli: i'm very happy to talk about that
< sipa> jonasschnelli: i really don't think so
< sipa> i've considered making a second wallet too, but it
< sipa> 's a pointless exercise i think
< wumpus> that was discussed so many times over the years
< achow101> jonasschnelli: I think it would be better to just make a new wallet format entirely and make it completely backwards incompatible
< Provoostenator> @wumpus new tickets always get tons of attention. It's the stale ones that worry me.
< sipa> achow101: indeed
< sipa> achow101: seen my writeup? :)
< achow101> sipa: yeah
< Provoostenator> And a new contributor might just pick the wrong topic (like making RBF a default :-)
< promag> sipa: > pointless exercise i think - why?
< wumpus> Provoostenator: I don't think it's about newness in this case - the person explained clearly what the issue was, then fixed it, with a straightforward patch
< sipa> promag: those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it
< jonasschnelli> achow101, sipa: but wouldn't this end up in have a large amount of code handling the back. compatibilizt?
< wumpus> Provoostenator: it's also about communication and doing something people care about :)
< promag> sipa: and those that know history?
< jonasschnelli> I don't mean rewrite the wallet, I mean copy the wallet souces, remove accounts, remove pools, remove all the upgrade migrations, add new SW stuff
< jonasschnelli> same same but different
< sipa> promag: will have much more impact working on existing code, rather than starting over and hoping it will attract review attention
< wumpus> yeah...
< jonasschnelli> that's a point
< wumpus> jonasschnelli: well accounts should be removed out from the current source, not a copy
< sipa> ack
< wumpus> jonasschnelli: same for some of those other things
< jonasschnelli> I just fear the migration at statup thing...
< jonasschnelli> also,... that we keep BDB4.8 until core 0.25
< sipa> heh, swapping out the storage format seems orthogonal
< wumpus> changing the storage format to another database is pretty easy
< achow101> jonasschnelli: does it need to migrate at startup?
< wumpus> I changed it locally to leveldb a while ago
< sipa> jonasschnelli: for the storage format, it think it should be done independently from everything else
< sipa> so that it is a straight translation from one db to another, and none of the key/values inside change meaning
< sipa> which means upgrade and downgrade are trivial
< wumpus> (because I didn't want to port berkeleydb to that environment)
< wumpus> exactly sipa
< jonasschnelli> Yes. Right
< sipa> _independently_ we should think about a new semantic layer (see my writeup, for part of that), which will be an incompatible upgrade at some point i expect
< sipa> but it doesn't need to happen at the same time as the storage layer change
< jonasschnelli> sipa: you mean the record type schemantics?
< sipa> yes
< achow101> sipa: it seems like a storage layer change would be the easiest way to guarantee incompatibility
< wumpus> my biggest annoyance about the current wallet is that it reads everything into memory, it's a database ffs
< sipa> achow101: version numbers work pretty well :)
< jonasschnelli> sipa: you wrote "Conversion of old wallet to new ones will probably be the trickiest part. It will involve a one-time operation at startup"....
< sipa> jonasschnelli: yes
< achow101> sipa: but then you have two incompatible upgrades, versus one
< wumpus> there's no need to have all transactions and crap going back years in memory
< sipa> achow101: storage layer wouldn't be incompatible
< achow101> why would they be compatible? Older software wouldn't be able to read a new storage format
< jonasschnelli> I gust questioning the endless backward compatibility. If we don't do us a favor and set a point (version X) where the wallet crated with version X will no longer be backware comp.
< sipa> sure, but both upgrade and downgrade would be trivial
< sipa> both things can happen in the same release, and that would certainly be more convenient
< wumpus> jonasschnelli: backwards compatibility is extremely important, though it'd be fine with me if that's a one-time upgrade at some point
< achow101> right, but then you need something that can downgrade it. if you just downgrade the software, it would be incompatible
< sipa> but i don't think discussions about changing the storage format should get in the way of semantic changes
< wumpus> jonasschnelli: but people with old wallets shouldn't be stuck!
< sipa> and the other way around
< wumpus> but downgrading seems completely unimportant to me
< jonasschnelli> wumpus: Yes. This is why I though keeping the legcy stuff but not mixing the code.
< achow101> ooh we could make CWallet, CDB, CWalletDB, etc. actually make sense then!
< sipa> hehe
< Provoostenator> There's also the possibility of importing old wallet from backups rather than old database files. Obviously not a good experience at all.
< wumpus> achow101: some of the classes need renaming, that's orthogonal :)
< jonasschnelli> achow101: and there are still some layer violations...
< sipa> Provoostenator: ?
< sipa> backups are database files
< Provoostenator> Oh, it's not using the dump format?
< sipa> the dump format is just for keys
< wumpus> no, not if you use walletbackup
< achow101> Provoostenator: no, it just copies the wallet.dat file to somewhere lese
< wumpus> dumpwallet/importwallet is separate
< Provoostenator> I see. Having a backup format that's not a database file would be useful then?
< sipa> it's complicated
< wumpus> what do you want to backup?
< sipa> we have two axes really... secret or not, and mutable or not
< wumpus> if it's just the keys, dumpwallet is what you want
< Provoostenator> Keys and metadata.
< wumpus> if you also want transactions and transaction metadata it's kind of difficult
< sipa> for example address labels really require a dump after every new address created
< sipa> stored transactions (especially unconfirmed ones) need a dump after every transaction
< * jonasschnelli> vanity generated lables!
< sipa> but with HD wallets, you don't really need backups at all to prevent monetary loss
< Provoostenator> I guess I'd want two backups: 1) the HD seed, done once 2) everything else, done every now and then
< sipa> and which of those is more important depends on the use case
< sipa> for businesses, losing labels/transactions may be far more harmful than losing some money
< wumpus> the hd seed is in dumpwallet, for (2) a backupwallet makes sense
< wumpus> if you just want to backup all data why not use the database format itself
< Provoostenator> Yes, and businesses need a paper trail for audits, ideally one that doesn't contain a private key.
< sipa> so perhaps there should be a way to separate the two
< Provoostenator> Because a database format is too specific.
< jonasschnelli> sipa: hardware wallets?
< wumpus> Provoostenator: too specific for what? the metadata format is also completely specific to this wallet
< Provoostenator> There's no bookkeeper / accountant in the world that can handle a .dat file, but they all know CSV or some other more text-like standard.
< jonasschnelli> I think long term we should not expect that private keys are on the same machine then bitcoin core runs (at least not with the current one process design)
< wumpus> Provoostenator: the GUI can do a csv export of transactions
< wumpus> Provoostenator: if that's what you want
< wumpus> also you can trivially implement that with a listtransactions then convert the JSON to CSV
< wumpus> no need for that to be the client's storage format
< wumpus> too many people are trying to solve problems by changing the program's internal storage format to be an external interface
< wumpus> that's IMO wrong
< Provoostenator> Ah I didn't know that feature. That's a good step and probably the most important metadata.
< wumpus> if you want to export something, export it somehow, export exactly the data you need for some reason
< wumpus> doesn't need to map to any internal data storage separation
< Provoostenator> There's also the issue of long term storage.
< wumpus> do you care how mysql stores its files? (besides it being efficient)
< Provoostenator> In 50 years a txt dump will be readable, I doubt anyone can still parse the DB format.
< wumpus> Provoostenator: that's where the dump format is for!
< Provoostenator> @wumpus true
< wumpus> it contains the private keys and the HD seed
< meshcollider> And if you go and review #11667 then the dump format can include the scripts too ;)
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11667 | Add scripts to dumpwallet RPC by MeshCollider · Pull Request #11667 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> meshcollider: yes!
< Provoostenator> @gribble added to my list
< wumpus> we have a surprising lot already covered with the current functionality
< sipa> i wish we didn't have to continue the "bag-of-keys-and-script" approach in dumps, but i don't think there is a way around it now
< wumpus> how do you mean? how would a dump work if it doesn't contain keys and scripts?
< sipa> wumpus: read my writeup
< Provoostenator> @sipa apart from your (useful) writeup, is there any other good documentation on how the wallet database and in memory storage currently works?
< wumpus> at least for compatiblity with other software it's probably useful if it contains all that data
< Provoostenator> And how that's seperated between the RPC and GUI, if at all.
< sipa> Provoostenator: there is no separation, they act on the same data structures
< jonasschnelli> only the code can tell you
< Provoostenator> @sipa I thought so. I'll figure it out eventually, but probably not before you've finished and merged the improvements.
< Provoostenator> Is the idea to have the GUI communicate with the RPC and not have direct access to wallet.dat files?
< sipa> i don't believe the RPC interface is the right approach
< Provoostenator> Or is the GUI not supposed to be completely seperate?
< wumpus> what do you hope to accomplish with that?
< wumpus> besides satisfying some degree of 'code neatness'
< sipa> ryanofsky is working on separating the gui from the daemon, but through a specialized interface
< sipa> rather than through RPC
< Provoostenator> For one thing, running a GUI wallet on a different machine.
< wumpus> the RPC is not for remote communication
< dejarp> sounds like there needs to be an open standard for wallet files
< wumpus> :-)
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: I think an viable approach here is communicating over the p2p with SPV and BIP150/151
< sipa> Provoostenator: running a GUI *wallet* on a different machine (from the node)? or running a *GUI* on the a different machine (from the wallet)
< Provoostenator> ACtually to be more precise, I'd like to keep the blockchain on a seperate machine
< sipa> Provoostenator: lightweight mode is the way to go there
< sipa> Provoostenator: run several lightweight node+wallet instances, have them connect to a trusted full node
< Provoostenator> @sipa the first is good enough.
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: please review https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/10794 (its a stepping stone for GUI sep.)
< sipa> jonasschnelli: no it isn't?
< jonasschnelli> sipa: why not?
< Provoostenator> @jonasschnelli added to list. Good to understand the context.
< Provoostenator> (actually that was already on my review list :-)
< sipa> jonasschnelli: GUI separation is about sepating the wallet from the UI
< sipa> jonasschnelli: that PR is about separating the wallet from the node
< jonasschnelli> sipa: I though we are talking about bothj
< Provoostenator> Do I understand correctly that it still needs to download blocks?
< jonasschnelli> GUI from the wallet is a different things...
< sipa> jonasschnelli: yes, but they're entirely orthogonal
< Provoostenator> I mean, I'd like to be able to tell a node: here's the public keys for my wallet, go watch them, I'll call you if I need anything.
< Provoostenator> (a very trusted node obviously)
< sipa> jonasschnelli: you're saying that 10794 is a step towards GUI separation... no it isn't, it has nothing to do with it
< sipa> it's a step towards separating the wallet from the validation
< meshcollider> Provoostenator: isn't that exactly what SPV does with bloom filters
< wumpus> Provoostenator: FWIW that's how electrum works
< Provoostenator> And this would also make it easier to connect third party wallets to a full node.
< wumpus> Provoostenator: and all other light clients, yeah
< jonasschnelli> sipa: I think it is a step towards Provoostenator usecase "run the wallet on a different machine".
< sipa> Provoostenator: the P2P protocol already supports that fine
< Provoostenator> Bloom filters seem overkill if you trust the node (and encryption and such are fixed)
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: yes. But the code is there and works. :)
< wumpus> yes, bloom filters work right now
< wumpus> there's been so much discussion of doing other things
< wumpus> for years
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: and it would also allow one to scarify privacy and connect to a random peer in case his trusted peer is unavailable
< wumpus> if you want the just-send-pubkeys approach, look at the electrum protocol
< Provoostenator> Working code and random-peer-fallback is certainly a benefit.
< wumpus> run your own trusted electrum server, the client-to-server protocol is encrypted, so you're covered there
< Provoostenator> @wumpus doesn't the electrum server need a huge database on top of the blockchain storage?
< wumpus> no need to reinvent everything in the ecosystem just to put the 'core' label on it
< wumpus> Provoostenator: yes, that's what you need for *general* querying by pubkey
< wumpus> Provoostenator: if your wallet keeps its own state and tracks the blockchain, then you don't need that, that's more like SPV clients
< wumpus> Provoostenator: it's a compromise
< Provoostenator> Watch-only addresses are another route, right?
< Provoostenator> So you'd give your trusted node a set of addresses to watch moving forward, and then you use bloom filters to get info later.
< Provoostenator> So then the only new feature is watch-only addresses, if I understand correctly (no idea how hard that is).
< wumpus> watch-only addresses have been supported for ages, for example the joinmarket wallet uses them
< sipa> though you query them over RPC, not via P2P-Bloom
< wumpus> importaddress was first added in 0.10.0
< jtimon> oops, missed the meeting...
< wumpus> yes... they're completely separate
< wumpus> jtimon: there was no meeting, thanksgiving
< jtimon> oh, ok
< Provoostenator> I need to read up on what bloom filter functionality is in Core.
< sipa> BIP37
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] ldm5180 opened pull request #11760: [crypto] Refactor HMAC_SHA to eliminate code duplication (master...generic-hmac_sha) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11760
< * jonasschnelli> not sure if new contributors should fiddle with the SHA256 code
< Varunram> Hey, I'm new here but thanks for the attention to new devs, it'll help a lot!
< Varunram> I'd like to pitch in regarding GSoC, applications open january 4, if core is interested. You guys will be required to propose a project (or at least a list of possible projects) and applicants will have to choose from them. First time orgs get only 1-2 slots though
< Varunram> Doesn't matter for a big project like Core, but still, my 2 sats :)
< wumpus> Varunram: thanks for the info - but yes we'll have to think a bit about possible projects then,maybe a topic for next meeting
< Provoostenator> wumpus: so IIUC: SPV uses more bandwidth than the just-send-pubkeys approach, but doesn't require running an electrum server?
< Provoostenator> jonasschnelli: and IIUC your goal with #10794 is to pave the way to run a Core wallet in SPV mode?
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/10794 | Add simple light-client mode (RPC only) by jonasschnelli · Pull Request #10794 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: SPV (especially full block without client side filtering) takes much more bandwith...
< Provoostenator> I should have more specific: to use bloom filters?
< jonasschnelli> Electrum does not preserve your privacy
< jonasschnelli> Bloom filter also not
< jonasschnelli> *filters
< Provoostenator> Well, it does if it's my own machine :-)
< jonasschnelli> Yes.. and if the channel is encrypted and authenticated.
< jonasschnelli> BF would be okay if BIP150/151
< Provoostenator> I'm trying to think about the use case where I have my own full node in some place, but I want to make transactions on my computer / phone / wherever.
< Provoostenator> And understanding the various trade-offs.
< wumpus> electrum uses TLS by default, FWIW
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: I see two solutions for that...
< Provoostenator> (assuming BIP150/151 for the sake of argument)
< jonasschnelli> a) you use BIP150 (or other enc/auth) via p2p and use SPV BF on your phone/remove client
< wumpus> as long as you use it with your own server it's ok, and it already exists
< jonasschnelli> b) you add a script to your bitcoin core machine that would server over TLS (an RPC proxy)
< jonasschnelli> b2) while your remote phone is just an "extended" RPC client
< jonasschnelli> (which would also have the private keys)
< Provoostenator> An additional contraint is that I would trust the node for giving me correct data, but not for holding private keys. I'm not sure if that's a reasonable contraint.
< jonasschnelli> Yes. The probably simplest approach would be SPV BF over auth/enc
< jonasschnelli> 10794 follows also another goal..
< jonasschnelli> What if you don't have a remote node?
< jonasschnelli> 10794 (and future work) does allow you to use the wallet while your node is still bootstraping
< jonasschnelli> My primary goal is to work against the current wallet trend... which is..
< Provoostenator> @jonasschnelli b2 might be acceptable with an ecrypted wallet, but a seems better
< jonasschnelli> centralized validation, and even remote key holding
< jonasschnelli> The current bitcoin wallets do loose one of the primary elements Bitcoin can defeat "Trusted third parties are security holes".
< Provoostenator> I'm thinking e.g. a full node at home, where if someone physcailly breaks in I'd know about that and just not use it.
< jonasschnelli> I'd like to see more users using Bitcoin Core as a wallet
< Provoostenator> @jonasschnelli me too, but I think a more realistic scenario is more people running Bitcoin Core nodes and connecting their favorite wallet to it.
< jonasschnelli> But right now,... the burden is just to hight
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: both is possible....
< Provoostenator> Although with things like #11720 it might be possible, certainly with bloom filters.
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11720 | iOS Deployment Target for RPC · Issue #11720 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< jonasschnelli> BIP150/151 would work towards trustworthy direct connections
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: Sure!
< Provoostenator> Right, these are all useful ingredients. I'm mostly trying to wrap my head around how they all fit together.
< jonasschnelli> With the current RPC calls it would also be possible to write a (iOS) client that would speak over RPC (via a proxy/apache script via TLS)... the client would hold the keys
< jonasschnelli> and use fundrawtransaction and watch-onlies
< Provoostenator> Something tells me more people will use it if it "just works" and everything happens on the phone.
< Provoostenator> Another benefit of using the Core code base is that you don't have to re-invent the wheel for things like coin selection (especially if it gets dramatic improvements in the future).
< jonasschnelli> The "just works" approach is very important and a reason why I try to kick BIP150/151 forward even with the fact that it's already sort of possible with stunnel, VPN, TOR
< Provoostenator> jonasschnelli: I was quite surprised when I learned encryption wasn't already a thing. I liked your talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VZrT9IOq30
< wumpus> TIL there's a program called "tig" that is a ncurses (terminal) git UI, I really like it
< * jonasschnelli> executing "brew install tig"
< jonasschnelli> looks nice
< wumpus> yes I'm surprised I hadn't heard about it before
< Provoostenator> Speaking of tools: any favorite IRC clients for OSX? And a good way to setup email notifications if someone mentions you when you're offline? I'm trying to set that up through the Slack bridge now.
< sipa> Provoostenator: i use ssh + screen + irssi
< wumpus> dunno about mail notifications, but I kind of like quassel, it has a separate frontend and backend, so from whatever device you log in your backlog is there, including highlights if someone mentioned you
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: I use Textual 7 (macOS) with a ZNC bouncer
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: I use a ZNC mod that sends me a Telegram on PM
< wumpus> there's also a pyquassel to connect programmatically, it's possible to watch for messages and set up things like mail notification or other scripting
< jonasschnelli> (the mod has various push channels)
< jonasschnelli> Provoostenator: ZNC is you IRC swiss army knife... also can log for you, etc.
< wumpus> but yeah you can do the same with irssi - there's even an irssi based frontend for quassel if you want to combine them :-)
< Provoostenator> Thanks, I'll take a look at both approaches.
< wumpus> github's commit notifier is broken again
< jonasschnelli> wumpus: the twitter bridge worked... only IRC?
< wumpus> jonasschnelli: seems so!
< phantomcircuit> wumpus, i like znc more than quassel
< wumpus> ok, I prefer quassel
< sipa> real programmers use telnet, and speak RFC2812 natively
< wumpus> hah
< phantomcircuit> sipa, gl replying to pings in time from freenode
< telnetuser> @phantomcircuit no problem, you'll see!
< wumpus> phantomcircuit: no more idlers
< phantomcircuit> lol you are using telnet
< sipa> damn, how do i type a CTCP version reply? :(
< phantomcircuit> sipa, gotcha
< phantomcircuit> you have to be able to send 0x01
< sipa> yes, i found that out
< sipa> but don't know how to do that in telnet
< sipa> offtopic i guess :)
< wumpus> through xclip maybe
< wumpus> or ctrl-A if it works
< phantomcircuit> sipa, fail