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< cluelessperson> Question
< cluelessperson> I do dumpwallet %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\test.txt"
< cluelessperson> and get "cannot open wallet dump file (code -8)"
< cluelessperson> why?
< rabidus> quotation marks?
< jonasschnelli> cluelessperson: have you used an absolute path?
< jonasschnelli> Do you have dbl-checked that you have write permissions
< rabidus> -8 is RPC_INVALID_PARAMETER ?
< cluelessperson> jonasschnelli: the absolute path works. swet
< cluelessperson> also, quotation marks seem to be required.
< cluelessperson> I'll make a personal blog update abou tthat
< cluelessperson> .
< jonasschnelli> cluelessperson: also check "help dumpwallet"
< cluelessperson> it works
< cluelessperson> jonasschnelli: thanks for your help
< johan> hi
< jl2012> is it possible to "sendrawtransaction" without syncing the blockchain?
< Randolf> jl2012: You seem to be asking a question about useability rather than about development. Have you tried asking your question in the #bitcoin channel?
< jl2012> Randolf: I think that'd be an useful function, anyway
< Randolf> jl2012: Well, why don't you ask in the #bitcoin channel? Maybe it's already supported (I don't know).
< jl2012> From the code it seems not
< Randolf> jl2012: This channel is focused on the software development aspects of bitcoin core. What you've raised seems to be a usability question, which is much more likely to be served well on the #bitcoin channel. That's why I suggested that you ask there.
< achow101> jl2012: I think you can
< mlz> Randolf, jl2012 is a core dev :)
< jl2012> achow101: how? I guess it's something not sendrawtransaction because it always validates tx
< achow101> jl2012: does using sendrawtransaction give you an error?
< jl2012> a locktime error
< achow101> oh, you're gonna have to wait until it's synced then
< achow101> at least until it is past the locktime
< jl2012> but even without locktime, i think it won't work because it calls AcceptToMemoryPool
< achow101> it would only work if it the tx is valid at the height your node is currently synced up to
< jl2012> which validates
< jl2012> so only if all spending utxo are seen
< achow101> yes
< jl2012> i'm trying to hack it by removing AcceptToMemoryPool
< achow101> I don't think that is possible
< achow101> you could use something else to broadcast, e.g. https://github.com/laanwj/bitcoin-submittx
< jl2012> achow101: thanks. Will try
< jl2012> i'm talking about removing line947 to 977
< achow101> jl2012: I don't think that will work because the transaction won't be in the mempool since you didn't call AcceptToMempool
< achow101> AcceptToMemoryPool is basically what does the broadcasting; it validates the tx and inserts it into the mempool so that it can be broadcast
< jl2012> ok......then i try submittx
< jl2012> thanks!
< Randolf> mlz: Oh, thanks. Sorry, jl2012, I didn't know.
< jl2012> Randolf: that's ok, no need to feel sorry
< Randolf> :)
< laptop> how profitable is it to mine bitcoin or alternative bitcoins in a pool like litecoin is it really worth your time
< archaeal> laptop - you do realize you're in #bitcoin-core-dev, right? Maybe try #bitcoin
< luke-jr> wumpus: proposed plan to clean up language overlap situation: http://codepad.org/vb0lePQC