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< Guest55735> I'm new to Bitcoin
< Guest55735> How to start mining Bitcoin, is it genuine, that many people sending messages, that we can make upto 60%, of the investment every day, in Bitcoin mining, they are asking me to open in blockchain wallet
< fanquake> Guest55735 That's off topic here, you could try asking those sort of questions in #bitcoin.
< leofantast> join #bitcoin
< leofantast> join #archlinux-cn
< luke-jr> leofantast: you need a / at the front
< luke-jr> /join #bitcoin
< Guest28708> help
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< wumpus> yes, they can be set independently
< wumpus> ehh never mind
< Fluzo> Hi!
< Fluzo> I want to ask a question, if I want to disable validation, where should I look?
< Fluzo> I want to do something like - fprintf(stdout, "Skipping validation\n"); return true; /* validation code here */
< sipa> Why would you want that?
< sipa> (not saying this is a bad thing to ask for; but the answer kinda depends on what for)
< Fluzo> Hmmm I wast just about to say it is pretty stupid since that wont make me sync faster but wronger
< Fluzo> Anyway there are two reasons
< Fluzo> First: I want to know, I'm just putting printf here and there to see how this works
< sipa> well do you want to just skip script validation?
< Fluzo> The seccond was to be able to sync faster but that was a really bad asumption
< sipa> or do you also want to skip skipping utxo set management?
< sipa> or even skio downloading full blocks?
< Fluzo> For know I'm just learning, the thing is, until I finish syncing I'm going to be flooded by my own printfs, but that was secondary
< Fluzo> I believe there must be a place in the code where a block is determined as valid or invalid, and I wanted to start there
< sipa> well there is no single place where validation is performed
< sipa> there are sanity checks when a header is received
< sipa> then the block is downloaded, and sanity checks on the block are performed
< Fluzo> I've seen those (sanity checks)
< sipa> then there are checks that the hash matches the block header; if not, we may mark a block itself as invalid rather than just the encoding we just now received
< sipa> then when the block becomes part of the potential best chain, it is "activated", which means updating the utxo set and looking up inputs
< sipa> then there are script/signature checks in separate threads
< sipa> finally the block is marked valid and becomes part of the best known chain
< Fluzo> Is there any place where that logic is explained? Diagrams, etc
< Fluzo> That logic or *any* logic, everything is welcomed :)
< sipa> not really
< Fluzo> I've just readed Mastering Bitcoin
< sipa> most of it is in validation.cpp
< sipa> though script validation is in script/interpreter.cpp
< sipa> and utxo management in coins.cpp
< Fluzo> Thanks!, I wasn't even looked at the script folder, I was thinking it was scripts, not the Script logic