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< jonasschnelli> set_ban test seems to constantly fail: https://bitcoinbuilds.org/index.php?job=00ef28e7-0109-4ded-9007-a3c95964f3f6
< jonasschnelli> though it fails not always... but mostly
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< stevenroose> achow101: is there a guide on how to use HWI on an offline PC? Like how to bundle all the deps into a single directory or something?
< achow101> stevenroose: no, but you can make a virtualenv, install everything there, and copy it
< stevenroose> I see it uses pip, but the readmy suggests installing the dependencies globally (pip3 install) instead of locally.
< achow101> or use the prebuilt binaries?
< stevenroose> achow101: is that just by calling `venv` and then doing the installation?
< stevenroose> ah there are prebuilds, nice
< stevenroose> let me look at those
< achow101> yes
< achow101> there's tons of docs on using virtualenvs. something like `venv` then `. venv/bin/activate`
< stevenroose> achow101: I only see them for amd64, is that correct?
< achow101> yes
< stevenroose> :/ using arm64 here, I tried for several hours to build some rust tooling in there, what a mess :D
< stevenroose> k will try with venv
< sipa> provoostenator: please don't ever put github usernames in commits
< sipa> it means you get notified by github anytime j random scamcoin cherry picks it
< midnightmagic> gah
< midnightmagic> ack, that's horrid.
< sipa> provoostenator: oh, it's due to the PR description being copied into the merge commit
< sipa> i wonder if we should actively remove usernames from those