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< provoostenator> achow101 and other wallet fans: I could use some guidance on the above (extreme) draft PR
< Guest18> How bad is "WARNING: experimental build" at the end of `configure`?
< jonatack> Guest18: see src/secp256k1/configure.ac lines 464:481
< Guest18> I don't understand, I take that as a '"WARNING: experimental build" at secp256k1 is pretty bad'.
< sipa> experimental just means that the API isn't stable
< sipa> which is fine, bitcoin core has a pinned commit, so it won't change from under it
< Guest18> I'm simply reinstalling on debian 10 after leaving debian 9, unfortunately I don't know if I had that WARNING on the previous installation and passed unnoticed.
< Guest18> Ah now I think I understand the pinned commit thing.
< Guest18> Do you mean it's like a submodule, but without being?
< sipa> it's a subtree
< Guest18> Aha, perfect, thanks.
< sipa> which is like a submodule, except it results in a copy actually being embedded
< jonatack> Guest18: there is a section about our use of Subtrees in doc/developer-notes.md
< Guest18> Maybe the warning is good in general but unnecessary when building a tag.
< Guest18> Even though that secp256k1 rev in its context may require that warning, does that matter to a stable tag in a node build?
< sipa> it's the libsecp256k1 build system giving that warning, not bitcoin core's
< sipa> i agree it's confusing, but it'll go away once the schnorr api is stable anyway
< Guest18> is there any tasks list for the schnorr api?
< sipa> at least
< Guest18> I'll read, thanks.
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipa opened pull request #22342: Avoid the use of P0083R3 std::set::merge (master...202106_no_cxx17_merge) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/22342