< achow101> someone's spamming the github. please ban him
< NicolasDorier> jl2012: I see that on https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8499 we don't have any test in script_tests.json are you working on it or should I do it ?
< jl2012> NicolasDorier: I'm trying to do. But since the signing is disabled now it's a bit tricky
< jl2012> can't be automatic signing
< NicolasDorier> signing disabled ? I missed an episode
< NicolasDorier> ok
< NicolasDorier> I can do it
< jl2012> there are several cases to test
< NicolasDorier> can you send that to me ? I will do it. Quite easy with nbitcoin
< jl2012> P2WPKH to uncompressed key (which is already tested in https://github.com/sdaftuar/bitcoin/commit/eeb9e9440fc0a6c1bfbbfc81905dae08af3dc0cb)
< jl2012> and some P2WSH cases
< jl2012> 0 <sig1> 1 <c-key2> <u-key1> 2 CHECKMULTISIG should fail
< jl2012> 0 <sig2> 1 <c-key2> <u-key1> 2 CHECKMULTISIG should also fail
< jl2012> 0 <sig1> 1 <u-key2> <c-key1> 2 CHECKMULTISIG should pass
< jl2012> 0 <sig2> 1 <u-key2> <c-key1> 2 CHECKMULTISIG should fail
< jl2012> the 3rd one should pass because the u-key2 is never used
< NicolasDorier> ok thanks, I'll do it
< jl2012> thanks!
< jl2012> i think it's obvious but "<sig> 0 IF <u-key> CHECKSIG ENDIF" should pass
< sipa> jl2012: script_tests has its own signer code for the automatically generated tests
< sipa> it should work fine with uncompressed pubkeys
< sipa> it's also advantageous to use such automatically generated tests, as they're easier to recreate or adapt to newer scenarios later
< jl2012> ok, I see what you mean
< jl2012> TestBuilder& PushSig
< sipa> you can disable the define at the top of the file
< sipa> and running the test will cause it to write out the json form
< sipa> which you can then copy-paste into the distribution file
< NicolasDorier> jl2012: do you have the private key for the tests P2WSH in script_tests ? I see that the tests changed and they don't pass in NBitcoin anymore :/
< NicolasDorier> actually this is strange... the public key hash of the test changed, but not the signature oO
< NicolasDorier> public key I mean
< NicolasDorier> well nevermind... investigating
< sipa> changing the compression of pubkeys does not change the signatures
< jl2012> NicolasDorier, I'm also working on script_tests
< NicolasDorier> sipa: that's not the problem, I'm catching up with the other recent changes in script_tests for now
< NicolasDorier> in NBitcoin test suite
< NicolasDorier> and now the test "Basic P2WSH" fail for some reason
< NicolasDorier> trying to findout why
< NicolasDorier> on the signature
< NicolasDorier> if you know the private key, I can checkout why
< jl2012> i guess the key is generated on the fly?
< NicolasDorier> no, I'm talking about script_tests.json
< jl2012> this is what I have done so far
< NicolasDorier> my problem right now is with the script_tests.json as is in master... will find out
< jl2012> ok, then I'll keep working on script_test.cpp .
< NicolasDorier> found the problem finally
< NicolasDorier> jl2012: what tests are you doing ? if you are speaking about the one for uncompressed public key, I can do them
< jl2012> yes, i'm doing it in script_test.cpp
< jl2012> NicolasDorier: tests pushed to #8499
< NicolasDorier> jl2012: would be nice if the tests not impacted by this PR are not updated
< NicolasDorier> uh wait
< NicolasDorier> yes
< NicolasDorier> why are the previous tests modified ?
< NicolasDorier> was using non compressed key ?
< NicolasDorier> I think it should stay that way
< NicolasDorier> as it should pass if the flag is not set
< jl2012> ok, I just think there is no point to test uncompressed key
< jl2012> so I may just add more tests instead?
< jl2012> keep the original, and repeat with compressed key
< NicolasDorier> I don't think you need to repeat them with compressed
< NicolasDorier> just add the tests that should fail if the flag is set
< NicolasDorier> I mean only the tests with WITNESS_PUBKEYTYPE should be added imho
< sipa> jl2012: uncompressed keys are allowed by consensus, so we should adequately test them, even more so than policy flags
< sipa> so i don't think we should remove any of the old tests
< jl2012> Ok
< jl2012> pushed
< GitHub56> [bitcoin] fanquake opened pull request #8899: Fix wake from sleep issue with Boost 1.59.0 (0.13...backport-boost-windows-patch) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/8899
< wumpus> arrived in Milan, but had a sleepless night and headache from the flight so resting a bit...
< paveljanik> not only Boost has sleep issues...
< * jeremyrubin> rimshot
< wumpus> lol
< luke-jr> >_<
< Lightsword> anyone meeting up in milan soon? I’m finally somewhat awake
< wumpus> there should be a few people at Copernico already
< sipa> there are people at Copernico, 3rd floor, blockchain labd
< sipa> *labs
< instagibbs> take a right out the elevator*
< Lightsword> sipa, what’s the address for that?
< sipa> it's the same address as the reception tonight
< sipa> via copernico 38, i believe
< * sipa> takes off BRU-LIN
< Lightsword> ok, cool looks like it’s in walking distance…will probably be there in about 15 minutes or so
< gmaxwell> sipa: luke-jr: can you check your seeders and report what percentage of listening nodes are currently on comcast IPs?
< sipa> gmaxwell: can't check now, but data is on bitcoin.sipa.be/seeds.txt