< luke-jr> wumpus: eh, each issue is a thread.. not like anything else has much better?
< luke-jr> I mean, I guess email tracks each reply's parent, but too few email clients support that, and GMail (which is sadly popular) doesn't seem to do it right (if at all)
< sdaftuar> wumpus: achow101: #8499 still has some bugs that a few of us have been discussing offline, i'll update the PR with some comments
< luke-jr> sigh, downside of 64-bit: memory leaks are drastically worse >_<
< * luke-jr> tries ulimit
< wumpus> back in the netherlands
< wumpus> luke-jr: I was thinking of a reddit-like nested structure, where replies appear under the post replied to, but making github mmore like reddit is probably bad mojo :)
< sipa> hahaha
< Chris_Stewart_5> Is CAddrMan used mostly by CConnMan to figure out what connections we should keep in our connection pool inside of CConnMan?
< sipa> and to decide who to make new connections to
< sipa> and to decide what responses to give to a getaddr
< Chris_Stewart_5> Is CConnMan just an abstraction of that to play nicer with our wallet?
< sipa> no
< sipa> connman manages connections
< sipa> it's the beginning of a refactor to abstract out all networking operations to one place
< sipa> also, connections have nothing to do with the wallet part
< Chris_Stewart_5> Yea, I was reading the CWalletTx code, and seeing how it uses those quantifiers to broadcast txs I guess
< Chris_Stewart_5> Is there any place people have written about the architecture of the networking stuff?
< sipa> it's very much in flux
< Chris_Stewart_5> Ok, thanks.