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< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] rex4539 opened pull request #12593: Fix typos and cleanup in various files (master...rex4539-typos) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12593
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] happymark01 opened pull request #12597: Create org (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12597
< Randolf> If someone can help rex_4539 with the needed git commands to get one file removed from PR #12593 that would be wonderful (I'm still fairly new to git or else I'd try to help him myself). Thanks in advance.
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12593 | Fix typos and cleanup in various files by rex4539 · Pull Request #12593 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< dongcarl> Randolf: I'll do so
< Randolf> Thanks a lot dongcarl. :)
< Randolf> dongcarl: It looks like rex_4539 got things sorted right away thanks to your help. :)
< rex_4539> Yes!
< rex_4539> Thanks dongcarl :)
< dongcarl> <3
< Randolf> rex_4539: I just looked over your changes, and it all looks great. I approved, and so it's up to others now to get it merged. If it doesn't get merged, I'll raise it at the next Core Developer meeting (which is more than 1 week away because this coming Thursday meeting has been cancelled).
< rex_4539> Sure, no rush :)
< Randolf> So, please feel free to create a separate Pull Request for the changes to the Greek-language text.
< Randolf> Perhaps for other changes in other languages, use separate Pull Requests for each language to get faster approvals. :)
< dongcarl> Wondering what to do about my longstanding issue #12255
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12255 | Update bitcoin.service to conform to init.md by dongcarl · Pull Request #12255 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake closed pull request #12597: Create org (master...patch-1) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12597
< rex_4539> Hm, it appears though that the translation commit is deleted. So I lost all translations...
< dongcarl> rex_4539: no, it's just unstaged right now in git
< dongcarl> rex_4539: if you do a `git status` it's still there
< rex_4539> Indeed.
< dongcarl> what you wanna do is `git checkout master`, `git status` check that the changes are still there, then `git checkout -b rex4539-translations`
< Randolf> dongcarl: PR 12255 was just introduced in late January, by the looks of it. Am I right?
< Randolf> January 2018, that is.
< dongcarl> Randolf: Yeah, I guess I just don't know how long these PRs usually take haha
< Randolf> It varies.
< dongcarl> rex_4539: what you'll see after doing what I told you is that you'll be on a new branch based off of master, but if you do a `git status` your changes are still there
< dongcarl> *magic*
< dongcarl> Randolf: Gotcha.
< Randolf> I think because it involves systemd that it may be presumed to be more complex, and so it might just be a matter of needing a few more people to take a look at it.
< dongcarl> Randolf: oh for sure. And I'm guessing that just takes time? Anything I can do?
< Randolf> I'm not familiar with systemd, so I don't think I can be helpful there, but feel free to ask anyone who's familiar with systemd in this channel and #bitcoin-dev if they can provide any feedback or ACKs or utACKs or something.
< Randolf> It's certainly good to get PRs closed, and also merged, but it's also important that they be well-vetted too. :)
< dongcarl> Understood
< rex_4539> Then how to push this to GitHub? With 'git push --set-upstream origin rex4539-translations' ?
< dongcarl> Oh for sure, and I'm just trying to get people to talk about it because I don't even know the answer
< dongcarl> rex_4539: do you have multiple remotes?
< dongcarl> rex_4539: what does origin point to?
< Randolf> Understood.
< rex_4539> Basically, I just want to push it to rex4539-translations
< dongcarl> rex_4539: what does `git remote -v` say
< rex_4539> originhttps://github.com/rex4539/bitcoin.git (fetch)
< dongcarl> perfect
< dongcarl> what you said will work
< dongcarl> the `git push --set-upstream origin...`
< dongcarl> then open a PR on github
< rex_4539> Hm, didn't work. Not seeing the commit on GitHub after refresh.
< dongcarl> rex_4539: gimme a sec
< dongcarl> rex_4539: did you commit your changes?
< dongcarl> You still have to `git add` and `git commit` before you push
< rex_4539> Aha, now I feel like an idiot. Ha, ha!
< dongcarl> rex_4539: no worries man. I started out using a git GUI bc it was a little confusing.
< dongcarl> rex_4539: looks like you got it pushed up
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] rex4539 opened pull request #12598: Updated Greek translation (master...rex4539-translations) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12598
< rex_4539> Yes, all good.
< dongcarl> Woo hoo
< rex_4539> Thanks again. You are my hero.
< dongcarl> <3
< Randolf> There it is!
< Randolf> rex_4539: I suggest that you edit the title of PR 12598 to indicate the corrective nature of your updates.
< Randolf> It will help people reading through the titles quickly.
< rex_4539> What do you suggest as title?
< Randolf> Ah, you just beat me to it I see. I was going to suggest something along the lines of what you actually put in there, so that's perfect. :)
< rex_4539> :)
< nman999> is there any way to build bitcoin core without running a full node. I dont have the resources to do this. I am following the book "Mastering Bitcoin" but am not sure if installing will automatically require full node resource (250 GB disk ?)
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] bill-walker opened pull request #12599: testing for script hash example address (master...master) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12599
< achow101> rabidus: dongcarl: rex_4539: translation changes don't go in a pull request. they go on transifex.
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] fanquake closed pull request #12598: Several corrections to Greek translation (master...rex4539-translations) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12598
< rabidus> from few days back? yeah, learn'd
< achow101> oops, meant Randolf
< rabidus> well, i posted one translation error here on thursday, iirc :)
< rex_4539> achow101 Oh, well... :)
< dongcarl> nman999: building is different from installing is different from running a node
< nman999> dongcarl: could you please explain exactly how that is? once I run "bitcoind" will I be running a node?
< dongcarl> nman999: there are different configurations, but in the very general case, yes.
< dongcarl> perhaps this is better moved to #bitcoin?
< nman999> dongcarl: I want to know if I can proceed to build bitcoin core without eating up 250 GB disk space. is that possible?
< dongcarl> nman999: please move this convo to #bitcoin
< Randolf> Hello achow101.
< achow101> hello
< Randolf> Thanks for clarifying that about transifex, achow101. I wasn't aware of it.
< larafale> Hello, I have a synced & running node without txindex. if I add txindex=1 in my bitcoin.conf & restart bitcoind, will it start indexing or do I need to use the reindex option ? thx
< larafale> I just want to safely transform my non txindexed node to an indexed one. (ps I have never received any funds to the wallet)
< sipa_> you need the -reindex option *once*
< sipa_> if you interrupt the reindexing, it will continue after restart
< sipa_> don't pass -reindex again, or it'll start over again
< luke-jr> also, the wallet is mostly unrelated to the indexing in general; you won't see new funds until it catches up, but old stuff wouldn't disappear even if you had it