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< ProfMac_2> A rumor says that a core developer made a block-chain scanner to replace the znort scanner. I would like to learn where this is.
< Randolf> ProfMac_2: If it's a rumour, then shouldn't the first step be to summarily dismiss it?
< luke-jr> #bitcoin-core-dev is not "ask Core devs questions so you can build your scamcoin"
< ProfMac_2> Randolf, verify. As this is a direct place to do.
< sipa> sounds totally plausible - many developers work on various projects
< sipa> but i haven't heard about something like that
< ProfMac_2> Thanks, sipa.
< sipa> it's also the first time i hear znort mentioned in years - i sort of assume there have been various other related things
< ProfMac_2> I searched the best I could, and ended up there. I'm starting to think that small utilities put into the best design place in the core-client is the best way to simultaneously get a working appliance, and learn the core code.
< Randolf> ProfMac_2: Okay, fair enough.
< windsok> ProfMac_2: not sure if it's what you are looking for, but https://github.com/citp/BlockSci has a parser
< ProfMac_2> Thank you. I'll look now.
< ProfMac_2> Um, 2 days since an update is scary.
< sipa> scary long or scary short?
< ProfMac_2> I think 19 year old are proud when they did an update minutes before an important meeting. Older supervisors think the design is good when it is working fine 5 years later.
< ProfMac_2> 'though I formed those attitudes before git was around.
< sipa> "design still working 5 years later" is not the same as "no development at all"
< Randolf> sipa++
< ProfMac_2> true.
< esotericnonsense> i mean, last commit to bitcoin/bitcoin is yesterday. :P
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< fanquake> wumpus/sipa could you ban Dungchuot7979 from GH
< kallewoof> what is GH?
< achow101> github
< kallewoof> oh
< sipa> sdaftuar: seems my benchmark was off, and the jacobi symbol implementation in GMP takes 2us rather than 0.2us; this means it's hardly worth it to use for hashing onto a curve for ECMH (it'd be 8.6us per update rather than 9.3us per update)
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< JHDHHHH> Hello guys
< JHDHHHH> I'm looking for an UTXO indexer with an (rest) api preferable
< JHDHHHH> I want to get all utxo by address
< JHDHHHH> any suggestions?
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< shmulim> First time pull-request here.. What is intended by this request "for steps to reproduce" in the given context? https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/12672
< * Randolf> welcomes shmulim to Bitcoin development
< sipa> shmulim: how did you find the unused dependencies?
< shmulim> peer-reviewed, removed and ran all tests without. did not use IWYU.
< sipa> right, but how do you know those are the only unused dependencies?