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< TestnetMiner> Hey everyone
< TestnetMiner> anyone around?
< gmaxwell> That is pretty much never a useful question to ask on IRC.
< TestnetMiner> hahaha indeed, the thing is, i am testing on testnet over asicboost
< TestnetMiner> and found a block... with diff 1
< TestnetMiner> the previous and following blocks are right
< TestnetMiner> but this one... not even the miner detected it, only the pool submitted it
< TestnetMiner> and the job target that came from getblocktemplate, had that diff
< gmaxwell> Testnet has a special difficulty rule that allows diff 1 blocks, if the timestamp from the prior block was greater than 20 minutes, or if the prior block was diff1.
< gmaxwell> er prior block on a 2016 interval, rather.
< TestnetMiner> looks like that for some reason, at that moment, the target was very low, and checking the pool logs, it was only for that specific "second"
< TestnetMiner> oh
< TestnetMiner> let me check that
< TestnetMiner> yep, the 20 minute rule applies in this case
< TestnetMiner> had no idea about that, sorry to disturb you guys
< gmaxwell> (the reason asking if someone is around doesn't work is because lots of people are kinda-around, and they'll respond or not based on what you say... but don't want to commit themselves to get involved in a conversation they can't help with...)
< gmaxwell> No problem!
< TestnetMiner> thanks a lot , should have read through the source code, and yeah, i always tend to ask that for no reason!! Cheers!
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