< meshcollider> cfields: thanks
< StayCool> Hey guys, is there a RPC command for listing addresses generated to an account/label filtered by no balance/unspent output?
 I would like to limit address re-use as much as possible. Currently i simply use GetNewAddress(acc) & GetAdressesByAccount(acc) which takes a while to call when there are many addresses linked to an account/label. Would be great if i could filter out “used” addresses somehow.
< fanquake> FYI, I've turned off "projects" and "wiki" for the gitian.sigs repo.
< fanquake> Also merged all the 0.16.2 sigs
< fanquake> thanks achow101, ken2812221, meshcollider, fivepiece, jhfrontz etc
< wumpus> fanquake: heh yes, projects and wiki make no sense there, wonder why it was enabled in the first place
< wumpus> fanquake: thanks for merging all the gitian signatures, later I'm going to do a build of the signed executables and upload them
< fanquake> wumpus np, I think I'm done for the day. Good to get 0.16.2 out of the way for 0.17.0. Will get back into some review etc tomorrow.
< wumpus> gpg: key 0x4AEE18F83AFDEB23: public key "GitHub (web-flow commit signing) <noreply@github.com>" imported
< wumpus> huu
< wumpus> apparently github signs commits merged through the website with a generic key
< wumpus> they both show 0.16.2 don't they? https://bitcoin.org/en/download https://bitcoincore.org/en/download/
< wumpus> maybe someone just needs to refresh or clear their cache...
< sipa> or they're trolling
< gmaxwell> It showed 0.16.1 earlier
< gmaxwell> at least.
< gmaxwell> I saw it, and so did some ordinary user in #bitcoin, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have anything cached.
< wumpus> well the sites obviously don't update at the same time...
< gmaxwell> yep yep
< wumpus> it really shouldn't matter, the release tag was created days ago, that's the real 'release'
< wumpus> just idiots that want to troll because of cobra's recent tweets, don't pay attention to it
< gmaxwell> Someone replied now, mostly I was linking so someone would go reply and say it was okay.
< gmaxwell> (I can't post on reddit anymore, account has some kind of double secret ban or something)
< sipa> how so?
< gmaxwell> Anything I post with my account just doesn't show up. If I make another account, posts fine.
< sipa> heh
< gmaxwell> I nagged rbitcoin mods, who nagged reddit admins, who claim all is fine.
< gmaxwell> I don't feel like playing games and posting from another account, so ... they want me gone, fine.
< wumpus> crazy, I don't see how you could have deserved that for
< luke-jr> I can imagine reddit accepting a bribe to shadowban, even if not to take over a subreddit (which Roger has been publicly trying to bribe them to do for a while)
< gmaxwell> it might just be some kind of stupid automated anti-spam like if you get too many downvotes... and that none of the current staff even knows about it, because reddit's staff has been cycled out so many times.
< luke-jr> usually too many downvotes just throttles you
< gmaxwell> (e.g. when I visited reddit a couple years ago and met their eng team, I was explaining to them some of the meme art that users sent in that was on their walls... none of them had been around long enough)
< luke-jr> lol
< gmaxwell> I wondered if maybe it was because I pissed someone off with the report button, as I was reporting every harassing message my account got, which was often a dozen a day.
< gmaxwell> (and that maybe they decided to take away my ability to report messages and totally broke me by accident, who knows)
< gmaxwell> in any case, my view is: their loss.