< simplebro> hi
< simplebro> anyone here , i need some help.
< ken2812221> What's the propose of separating extended functional tests? Do they have special usage or what?
< ken2812221> And why don't we enable it on normal travis job? It only take 1-2 more minutes if we disable those tests that take really long time tests.
< wumpus> ken2812221: the purpose of extended tests is exactly that: they take too long to run in the normal CI
< wumpus> if the extended tests has tests that run quickly, they can and should be moved to the normal rotation
< wumpus> that's where the name "extended" comes from—probably needs to be documented somewhere if it confuses people
< wumpus> phantomcircuit: that's satoshi legacy, and indeed because windows sockets are unsigned
< wumpus> hebasto: yes, you can't take over someone else's PR in another way, so open a new one and post to the old one
< luke-jr> phantomcircuit: wumpus: but we only define SOCKET on *nix…
< ken2812221> luke-jr: SOCKET has already defined in winsock2.h
< ken2812221> wumpus: thanks. I'll open a PR for moving tests from extended to normal
< luke-jr> ken2812221: yes
< jl2012> if a public key is created with secp256k1_ec_pubkey_tweak_add, do I need to check for IsFullyValid(), or is it guaranteed?
< sipa> it's guaranteed
< sipa> if it succeeds
< jl2012> thanks