< achow101> can someone tell practicalswift to stop spamming with whatever linter tool he's using?
< aj> achow101: the latest reports mention cpplint; and yeah. could be nice to have them when new PRs are filed, but spacing issues in ones that have been around for months and already have acks...
< gmaxwell> While constructing a test case for the inflation bug, my first attempt did nothing because of making exactly this kind of mistake: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/14300/commits/ba923e32a0c03fcbb6ffe317580fd1d04669ce71
< gmaxwell> Is there any way to make it so that this sort of error can't happen?
< gmaxwell> Who are our resident python experts, in any case?
< luke-jr> gmaxwell: there is a way, but it might be a pain
< luke-jr> I'm not sure this is the best way, but we could have a __setattr__ that refuses to add after some initialisation point
< harding> I'm not a python expert and I don't have any general suggestions, but it does seem to be that a method named "rehash" could probably be extended to fail if the new hash is the same as the old hash.
< gmaxwell> I'm not sure if anyone else has had the same problem, but since I just encoutnered it and there appears to be a standing one there, it might be worth fixing.
< gmaxwell> maybe we need to get forrestv back into bitcoin, guy was a wizard with overly complex python things. :P
< gmaxwell> We should also do more work to make sure the tests work correctly... but I think that is high effort enough that it shouldn't be the only mechenism to avoid that kind of screwup.
< luke-jr> I've confirmed the most recent email I received from the announcement email list, was the announcement for 0.16.1
< luke-jr> so either nobody sent one since then, or it's broken, or it's forgetting subscribers :/
< gmaxwell> something is broken then, because I had wladimir confirm the 0.16.3 announcement went there.
< luke-jr> someone on Twitter did mention they were unable to subscribe :/
< gmaxwell> I have no idea how that lists works or who set it up.
< luke-jr> btcdrak IIRC
< luke-jr> something called "sendy"
< gmaxwell> (well I would have guessed...)
< harding> Investigating Sendy, it's apparently proprietary list management software that you run on your own server and connect to Amazon's MTA. It seems like the list management service is operational but the MTA is not.
< luke-jr> harding: hmm, someone else on Twitter just said they did get the announce
< luke-jr> so whatever it is, seems to be partly working
< gmaxwell> luke-jr: perhaps next time you see a problem you raise it as a concern instead of being vaguely insulting about it on twitter. I'd prefer to not get called incompetent by cobra again, especially over something where there isn't anything I could improve. :)