< Jmabsd> What IO library / modality is Bitcoin Core using for its TCP data channels and TCP IO scheduling? (e.g. Boost ASIO)
< gmaxwell> ...
< gmaxwell> for P2P? the posix sockets api and the freeking os kernel.
< Jmabsd> gmaxwell: so Bitcoin Core runs its own epoll()/poll()/select() call?
< sipa> yes
< Jmabsd> great, thx - actually where is it in the codee?
< sipa> select()
< sipa> net.xpp
< sipa> net.cpp
< Jmabsd> sipa: select() has a limit of 128 concurrent connections?
< Jmabsd> yeah anyhow select() is cool, incredibly cross-platform.
< sipa> no, 1024 iirc on most platforms
< wumpus> luke-jr: that is true, on windows the SOCKET type exists already and is defined as we defined it; defining it as a different integer type on different platforms is for sure going to break things
< wumpus> luke-jr: I'm sure it's possible to abstract away 'what is a socket handle' but would be better to wrap it into some class then so that it can't accidentally be treated as integer at all
< pierre_rochard> I've added three shortcut buttons to apply filters on bitcoinacks.com - "Ready for Review", "Ready for Maintainer", and "User-Facing Only". They are additive, so you can click "Ready for Review" and then "User-Facing Only". Feel free to contact me or file an issue if you would like an additional shortcut button or to modify an existing one
< pierre_rochard> (These are rough, so for example a PR with two Concept ACKs isn't necessarily ready for a maintainer to take a look at and merge)