< phantomcircuit> #14336 works now but the chance i make to make it work doesn't seem like it should have worked
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/14336 | net: implement poll by pstratem · Pull Request #14336 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< luke-jr> hmm, I guess upgrading to a fixed version after you've accepted an inflation block is ugly (it wants to reindex)
< echeveria> luke-jr: yes, it blows up very badly, as we saw on testnet.
< karelb> bralyclow: probably bitcore? :D
< karelb> btw.... I wrote few days ago here about the stricter RPC doc format which I can then parse into something nicer... I wrote a parser and the results are cool... sending screenshot of the result.
< karelb> this is screenshot of the current one, on the same computer
< karelb> I will now try it on all RPCs to see what is all needed to change and how it will all look (now I randomly just selected a few)
< fanquake> Looks like the new *dark* mode on macOS makes a mess of Qt. https://0bin.net/paste/ApNJ2nk5Eq+c-TLv#cTVvddfhZcusUSNJuZQlBMAsyeePf4QgwtGQ7dCcli2
< fanquake> I don't think there's anything we can do about it yet, but could be worth a mention in the 0.17 release notes?
< echeveria> fanquake: there was some earlier discussion about this I think in this channel.
< fanquake> echeveria Thanks, I'll take a look
< wumpus> fanquake: yes, jonasschnelli commented on it too; on macos we don't take various values from the theme but assume fixed lightmode-coloring
< wumpus> fanquake: though I don't think this is new in 0.17?
< wumpus> wouldn't be opposed to adding it to a 'known issues' section in the release notes, but please make clear this is not a new problem
< echeveria> wumpus: the dark mode is new in MacOS, which is why you're seeing it crop up now as an issue.
< wumpus> karelb: nice!
< wumpus> echeveria: took them long enough :)
< wumpus> guess it's time to start wrapping up the release notes for 0.17.0
< karelb> wumpus: I will need to change some whitespace in the docs for this to work, but less than I thought
< karelb> basically add some spaces so the parser recognizes what is what
< wumpus> feel free to improve the wording and such
< karelb> "bogosize": n, (numeric) A meaningless metric for UTXO set size
< karelb> ummmm what is that? :D
< gmaxwell> A meaningless metric for UTXO set size.
< harding> karelb: support questions should go in #bitcoin, please.
< karelb> sorry
< achow101> karelb: it's a consistent metric that can be used for comparing different gettxoutsetinfo outputs but has no meaning
< achow101> karelb: like bogomips
< karelb> Heh. The new scantxoutset RPC Doc is confusing my parser the most so far. :D
< jonasschnelli> karelb: can you improve it please?
< karelb> Yeah that is what I am doing atm!
< jonasschnelli> if you find it really confusing? fundraw seems clear to me.
< jonasschnelli> but scantxoutset is new and eventually could have a better help.
< karelb> Improving the RPC so it is more easily parseable
< jonasschnelli> karelb: you mean the output or the help?
< karelb> The help output
< karelb> I will make PRs when I have something more concrete
< karelb> Well I made this - auto-generated nicer docs from RPC help. I will make PRs later
< karelb> All the descriptions are treated as markdown
< karelb> This still looks bad, mainly because the "code-ish" parts are so long
< as1nc> Hello guys, i have 2 severs running both mainnet & testnet (so 2x mainnet & 2x testnet). after updating to 0.16.3, mainnet nodes are fine, but testnet nodes crash. they both shows ERROR: VerifyDB: *** found bad block at 1414433
< as1nc> has anyone had the issue with testnet ?
< as1nc> it says Please restart with -reindex or -reindex-chainstate to recover, but i'd like to understand how did this happens. thx for your feedback
< as1nc> is that block 1414433 has anything to do with the bug that caused 0.16.3 to spawn ?
< achow101> as1nc: block 1414433 is a block that exploits the vulnerability. you will need to reindex after upgrading to 0.16.3 if you received that block before upgarding
< as1nc> ok thx guys, that was the info i needed :)
< as1nc> well re indexing right away :)