< instagibbs> i think im finally over my jetlag, which means i missed the meeting
< IceHard> hello all :0
< IceHard> :) good day to all
< jonasschnelli> crash in 0.17.0:
< jonasschnelli> Assertion failed: (nBytes_ <= uint64_t(std::numeric_limits<int64_t>::max())), function GetFee, file policy/feerate.cpp, line 25.
< * jonasschnelli> is investigating
< jonasschnelli> is guess returing a -1 into change_spend_size (size_t) is not a good idea
< echeveria> jonasschnelli: so a crasher in the wallet, specifically.
< jonasschnelli> echeveria: edge case crasher... in the wallet when using watch-only in conjunction with fundrawtx
< jonasschnelli> Not urgent
< Jmabsd> Do NULL data outputs need to have value == 0 to satisfy IsStandard (= be gossiped)?
< Jmabsd> Can you please provide code reference (meanwhile checking)
< sipa> null data outputs are just outputs that starts with OP_RETURN
< sipa> oh, you mean their amount? doesn't matter
< jonasschnelli> sipa: are you sure?
< sipa> jonasschnelli: yes
< jonasschnelli> sipa: GetDustThreshold() would result 0 in case of an OP_RETURN, right?
< sipa> Dust rule is not applied for OP_RETURNs
< jonasschnelli> sipa: oh. your right! nm
< jonasschnelli> while your here sipa: IMO the dummySigner fails on VerifyScript() when you import a P2SH & the P2WPKH redeemscript
< jonasschnelli> but currently checking...
< sipa> jonasschnelli: hmm! it shouldn't
< * sipa> off to scaling bitcoin opening party
< jonasschnelli> have fun. :)
< jonasschnelli> sipa: I think I know why it can't be solved. P2SH(P2PWKH) also needs to pubkey in VerifyWitnessProgram (I think avoidable because the key must be compressed anyways)
< smaho___> hi all
< sipa> hai
< Jmabsd> (repeat of #bitcoin question:) What is the Bitcoin Core policy for the *minimum value that a tx output must have* for the tx to still be gossiped? (as an absolute value number of satoshis)
< jonasschnelli> Oh. Since BRB you also need to know the pubkey or the changeaddress in fundrawtx...
< Jmabsd> yep see
< Jmabsd> example of tx kicked out of gossip network because of being considered dust:
< Jmabsd> 1 BTC TXFEE, 1 BTC-value null data, and sending 1 satoshi to address A
< instagibbs> known crash, it's not watchonly per-se, it's watchonly for a p2sh it doesn't know