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< sipa> status.github.com reports everything operating normally again, since 4 hours ago
< sipa> the whole incident lasted 23h54m ...
< meshcollider> Ouch
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< josephnicholas_> Hello all
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< Mutter> Hi
< promag> wumpus not around?
< ircclient> just messing with my IRC client
< promag> kallewoof: I'd love some feedback on #14531
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/14531 | Replace fs::relative call with custom GetRelativePath by promag · Pull Request #14531 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< promag> :D
< promag> please replace my PR on HP with 14531
< promag> I think is more important to fix something first
< wumpus> added
< promag> thanks
< promag> also see #12842 (2 lines change) and #14518 (small change)
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/12842 | Prevent concurrent savemempool by promag · Pull Request #12842 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
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< stevenroose> Anyone here any experience with the Travis tests? We copied them for Elements and the one with NOWALLET=1 times out consistently. Could anyone tell what the NOWALLET=1 exactly involves?
< jamesob> when's the last time someone proposed a "trace"-level logger that wouldn't ever be enabled for production, but might be useful during testing/debugging
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< BlueMatt> jamesob: isnt that kinda what -debug=1 means?
< BlueMatt> I mean it prints all your inbound/outbound messages...
< jamesob> yeah, suppose so - but we're missing a lot of logging around tx validation and peer treatment
< BlueMatt> fair enough, probably worth adding? Could add another debug category if its too voluminous
< jamesob> yup, sounds good
< phantomcircuit> jamesob, there could certainly be many more log lines
< phantomcircuit> but not that even when you're not logging things the LogPrint function takes some time
< sipa> phantomcircuit: note that LogPrintf doesn't serialize its arguments when the debug category it's on is not enabled
< sipa> but the argument are evaluated
< wumpus> there's intentionally little/no debug logging around transaction validation, it would just be too spammy and confusing for users as it'd log for every transaction received from the network
< wumpus> but yes I guess it'd work as a separate category…
< phantomcircuit> sipa, yeah it's very fast, but putting it in a tight loop would be a mistake
< gmaxwell> Anyone attempting that should be prepared to prove the change doesn't substantially lower performance when not in use.
< phantomcircuit> i wonder if checking for the category TRACE and then exiting unless compile time option was set would allow optimization out completely
< sipa> phantomcircuit: yeah certainly
< jamesob> phantomcircuit: that's what I had in mind
< jamesob> TraceLogPrintf as a macro that gets expanded or not based on configure options
< sipa> jamesob: we kindof have that, due to the templated approach that forwards the arguments
< sipa> though it would require inlining the function to guarantee the arguments aren't evaluated when needed
< luke-jr> #define LogTrace(…) if (unlikely(g_trace)) { LogPrintf(__VA_ARGS__); }
< luke-jr> maybe
< sipa> that has the risk of removing statements with side effects, though
< sipa> marking LogPrintf as __attribute__((always_inline)) where permitted is probably safer
< sipa> (or whatever the syntax is)
< luke-jr> sipa: hopefully nobody would use these new things with side-effect stuff.. especially if it's disabled by default
< luke-jr> would always_inline actually avoid evaluating the arguments?
< sipa> sometimes, sure
< sipa> it'd enable the compiler to optimize it out when it provably has no side effectd
< luke-jr> proving no side effects can be hard for C++
< luke-jr> eg, a copy constructor might have side effects
< luke-jr> but maybe the variadic argument situation is better, dunno
< sipa> luke-jr: a c++ compiler is allowed to elide copy constructors even if they have side effects :)
< luke-jr> interesting
< * luke-jr> ponders if there's any way to abuse that for something useful
< sipa> since c++17 it's mandatory that where possible, that elision must happen
< sipa> before, it was optional, and thus could result in different behaviour depending on the compiler's choice
< sipa> i believe it's the only exception to the rule that optimizations are only allowed when they don't change observable behavior
< gmaxwell> this sort of stuff where side effects vanish presents the same kind of risk as the assert macro with -UDEBUG.
< gmaxwell> (refering to the trace discussion, not copy constructors)
< sipa> actually i expect that log statements have a relatively low chance of accidentally having side effects
< sipa> things like assert(OperationIsSuccessful(bla)); isn't too crazy however
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< gmaxwell> sipa: do you think that log statements and asserts are really a lot different there?
< gmaxwell> LogPrint("tx: %s Valid: %d\n", tx.hash(), ProcessTx(tx));
< sipa> gmaxwell: hmm, i guess i've just encountered those less
< sipa> it depends a lot on developer culture i guess
< gmaxwell> well that's /the/ assert mistake.
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