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< vasild> sipa: I need varint in order to be able to create and parse addrv2 messages: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0155.mediawiki "time" and "services" use VARINT
< sipa> vasild: heh, that's quite underspecified
< sipa> bitcoin core's internal varint type isn't used in the p2p protocol anywhere
< vasild> I implemented (de)ser_varint: https://bpa.st/HTBA, it will end up in some of the addrv2 PRs (still I am only playing with it locally)
< sipa> vasild: could it just mean compactsize ?
< sipa> that's the varint type that's used elsewhere in the p2p protocol
< vasild> Isn't used _yet_ ;-)
< vasild> I agree it is underspecified other than "see bitcoin core source code"
< sipa> i don't even see that?
< vasild> no idea if it is supposed to mean compactsize, wumpus ?
< vasild> "i don't even see that?" -- yes, not even "see bitcoin core source code", but I think that would be undesirable because the code may change
< vasild> why are there two encodings, compactsize and varint?
< sipa> compactsize is the one the original source code and protocol from satoshi's time used
< sipa> which was called varint everywhere, but compactsize inside the source code (as it was only used to serialize the length of things)
< sipa> the varint one was inspired by BER's length encoding, with a slight (and in retrospect not worthwhile) efficiency improvement i came up with
< sipa> it was part of the database redesign in 0.8 that introduced the utxo set chainstate database
< sipa> where i think it performed better than the compactsize we had
< vasild> I see
< vasild> is compactsize specified anywhere (other than "look at the code")?
< sipa> and maybe part of the confusion here is because the compactsize encoding is often jusy referred to as varint
< sipa> vasild: not in any BIPs afaik; things that existed in the protocol before the BIPs process existed as generally just taken as gospel
< vasild> maybe the new type should have been named something else than varint
< vasild> Ok, so neither one of varint or compactsize is defined in BIPs, but compact size is already used in other places in the p2p protocol whereas varint is not.
< vasild> BIP155 says:
< vasild> - Jonas Schnelli: change services field to VARINT, to make the message more compact in the likely case instead of always using 8 bytes.
< vasild> - Luke-Jr: change time field to VARINT, for post-2038 compatibility.
< vasild> jonasschnelli: luke-jr: ^^^ Did you mean compactsize instead of varint? Should we change that to compactsize now?
< sipa> for BIP152 there was initially an intention to use varint, but it was changed to compactsize to simplify specification
< jonasschnelli> what is the difference between compact size and varint?
< sipa> vasild: ^ that's what i mean :p
< vasild> Or, well, if in other specs the word "VARINT" is used to mean "compactsize", then should the BIP155 C++ source code use compactsize?
< sipa> when people say varint in the context of the protocol, it usually refers to what is known as compactsize in the source code
< sipa> jonasschnelli: scroll up a few lines, i gave the history :)
< jonasschnelli> just read back... :)
< vasild> git grep -il varint ./bip-0* # 8 occurrences
< vasild> s/8 occurrences/mentioned in 8 BIPs/
< vasild> and "compactsize" is mentioned in 6 BIPs
< sipa> which ones?
< vasild> varint:
< vasild> bip-0010.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0023.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0037.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0098.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0154.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0155.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0180.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0322.mediawiki
< vasild> compactsize:
< vasild> bip-0152.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0157.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0158.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0330.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0341.mediawiki
< vasild> bip-0342.mediawiki
< vasild> Anyway, given that compact size is used in p2p and not varint, I suggest that we change the spec to say "compactsize" instead of "varint" with some clarification like "For the purposes of this section, CompactSize refers to the variable-length integer encoding used acros..." (from bip152) and also change the code to use compactsize instead of varint (the code is in
< vasild> jonasschnelli: luke-jr: sipa: wumpus: what do you think, (s/VARINT/CompactSize/ in BIP155)?
< luke-jr> I'm not sure it makes sense to use the old varint for time/services.. benefits more from the new varint
< vasild> luke-jr: actually 4 bytes unsigned integer supports time up to year 2106. Only signed 4 bytes will brick after 2038
< vasild> CAddress::nTime is uint32_t - it will work as is in master until 2106. I think there is no need to change it to varint or compact size in order to make it post-2038 proof. varint or compactsize would need 5 bytes today.
< vasild> For services - both varint and compact size will use 1 byte if NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED is not involved.
< vasild> And if NODE_NETWORK_LIMITED is set, then compactsize will use 3 bytes whereas varint will use 2 bytes.
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< vasild> Is saving 1 byte worth introducing a new encoding?
< wumpus> vasild: does it introduce a new encoding?
< wumpus> saving a byte per address sounds good actually
< vasild> wumpus: as it turns out VARINT is not used anywhere in P2P, CompactSize is used instead.
< wumpus> ok
< vasild> So from P2P point of view VARINT is a new encoding.
< wumpus> so VARINT is only used in on-disk files?
< wumpus> agree that it'd be preferable not to introduce it into P2P then
< wumpus> though it's not a complex encoding
< vasild> btw, I did not check that myself, but I trust sipa on it
< vasild> both varint and compactsize are mentioned in some BIPs
< vasild> but I gather "varint" in BIPs may be used to denote what the source code calls compactsize
< wumpus> I'm definitely going with sipa's judgement on this :)
< vasild> yes, it is not complex - I did the python implementation in order to do some more testing of it, python ser/deser: https://bpa.st/HTBA
< vasild> btw, there is one more concern wrt VARINT - it supports unlimited size and the deserializer would throw an exception for a code like: uint64_t x; stream >> VARINT(x); given a specially crafted sequence of bytes
< vasild> e.g. 9 bytes that all have the first bit set would overflow uint64_t
< vasild> So, any code that reads varint from the network has to do: try { stream >> VARINT(x); } catch (...) { aha! }
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< alko89> hi, I have a question about segwit (I know late...)
< alko89> so if the segwit data is separated and not part of the blockchain
< alko89> what is the incentive to store that data?
< sipa> it is part of the blockchain, and committed to by blocks
< sipa> just not by the txid that are used by other transactions that refer back to it
< alko89> but the block is 1MB and the withess data is 4MB right?
< alko89> ahhh
< alko89> so when the utxo is spent, the data gets removed?
< sipa> no
< sipa> it's part of the blockchain just as much as everything else
< sipa> it's just separate
< sipa> but it is data that never enters the utxo set, so it has less impact on nodes' operations
< alko89> hmmmm...but that means the block size did increase with segwit update :P
< sipa> yes, of course
< alko89> awwwwwwww!!!!
< alko89> thanks!
< alko89> another question: If I'm not mistaken segwit transactions are visible by the old nodes as being spendable by all?
< sipa> bitcoin.stackexchange.com is probably a better place to ask
< sipa> there are plenty of questions on that topic already
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< * midnight> prods sipa re: graphs..?
< sipa> midnight: oops, on it
< midnight> <3
< sipa> midnight: better?
< midnight> sipa: beautiful!
< ahmed_> https://gist.github.com/ahmedbodi/c19eae5afddb72348a53d7b71b185bae <- does anyone have any ideas what im doing wrong here? i get a CDataStream error while trying to connect to the P2P port of bitcoind
< sipa> ahmed_: most likely that means you sent a message that's shorter than expected
< ahmed_> @sipa thats why im confused, ive pulled CAddress code from @petertodd's bitcoin-python and the Version message code is tidied up version of the msg_version code in his repo
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