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< wumpus> hebasto: almost, but not exactly: the notification you are seeing is due to the switch of the auto-update URL of the 0.21 resource in transifex from master to the (correct) 0.21 branch, not due to the merge of your PR
< wumpus> there is no transifex resource pointing at master, i guess we could create a translation for 0.22 early if we really want to test the new message extraction
< wumpus> normally this is done at the time of the translation freeze in the release process to reduce the amount of duplicate work translators have to do due to code churn
< hebasto> wumpus: thanks
< wumpus> but it might be a good idea to try earlier now than the planned 2021-06-01 to have more time to adapt the fetch script or other tooling if needed
< wumpus> .. let's just try
< hebasto> sgtm
< wumpus> ok: it seems not possible to change the file type for an existing resource, the 22.x one has to be 'born' from the xlf (another reason we can't backport this)
< wumpus> this also means it is likely that transifex-migrate-resource won't work as-is to copy the previous release's translations but well see
< wumpus> i... hope the better translator experience is worth all this
< wumpus> on the other hand i read something about transifex deprecating the v2 API, so that script (which uses that) likely wouldn't work for much longer
< wumpus> hebasto: okay, as somehow expected: tx pull gets back documents formatted as xliff... which makes me wonder, do we need .ts files at all, can't we convert the whole pipeline to that format?
< wumpus> i mean does qt support it natively? it is a qt specific format right? why is ts still used?
< bitcoin-git> [gui] laanwj opened pull request #286: qt: Bump transifex slug for 22.x (master...2021-04-transifex-slug-022x) https://github.com/bitcoin-core/gui/pull/286
< hebasto> wumpus: it seems `lrelease` tool expects ts-files as an input
< wumpus> hebasto: that's curious, i wonder why they don't add support directly, but yea then we don't get around converting them
< wumpus> (not sure yet whether to do the conversion as part of the fetch-translations script or during the build, i guess during fetch is most efficient as there is no point doing it on every build if they don't change)
< wumpus> ok: XLIFF is not a qt-specific format, it is a generic interchange format for translations, that is why
< hebasto> yeah, and it seems widely adopted
< wumpus> right i really like the idea of standardization here
< hebasto> wumpus: I can see a new 22.x translation with a "XLIFF" tag on the Transifex now
< wumpus> ideally it means that tooling only needs to support one format, so more cooperation on that
< wumpus> hebasto: great!
< hebasto> iiuc, some settings you've done on transifex, right?
< wumpus> yes, i created the new resource and uploaded the xlf file
< wumpus> the only difference is that i cannot copy the previous releases translations as other times (at least not with the existing transifex-migrate-resource.py script, as i said above)
< wumpus> 22.x resource is updating directly from master
< hebasto> most string translations are migrated "via Translation memory"...
< wumpus> maybe that is enough
< wumpus> i guess translation memory has improved since years ago
< hebasto> you could look at string 24 and see "developers note" -- it works :)
< wumpus> i see... nice ! definitely seems useful to have additional information like that
< hebasto> wumpus: going to submit comparison between ts vs xliff in the transifex editor; should I post it as a comment to #21694 or submit a separated issue in the gui repo?
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/21694 | build: Use XLIFF file to provide more context to Transifex translators by hebasto · Pull Request #21694 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< wumpus> hebasto: I think it would make sense to make a new issue for it, also so that translators can comment maybe
< wumpus> would make sense to send some announcement on transifex as well
< hebasto> good idea!
< jnewbery> #proposedmeetingtopic adding a second BIP editor
< hebasto> wumpus: luke-jr: https://github.com/bitcoin-core/gui/issues/287 presents the results of experimental usage of XLIFF translation file; your opinion will be much appreciated
< wumpus> hebasto: thanks will take a look
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] whb07 opened pull request #21745: includes refactor pubkey.cpp/pubkey.h (master...refactor_imports_pubkey) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/21745
< bitcoin-git> [gui] hebasto merged pull request #286: qt: Bump transifex slug for 22.x (master...2021-04-transifex-slug-022x) https://github.com/bitcoin-core/gui/pull/286
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< bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master 4173059 W. J. van der Laan: qt: Bump transifex slug for 22.x
< bitcoin-git> bitcoin/master e7776e2 Hennadii Stepanov: Merge bitcoin-core/gui#286: qt: Bump transifex slug for 22.x