< promag> #11316 is asking for some comments :P
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11316 | [qt] Add use available balance in send coins dialog by promag · Pull Request #11316 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sipsorcery closed pull request #11528: Minimal code changes to allow msvc compilation (master...code_msvc) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11528
< wallet42> @sipa: can we imagine a -utxomove option where coins get renamed to s[txid][nout] instead of deleting them from chainstate? Ideally also append the spend block height to the value. It would allow a lot of my analysis to not require a second database.
< wallet42> or maybe call it -stxodb=1
< sdaftuar> wallet42: that sounds interesting, but would be terrible for performance -- it would prevent an optimization we currently do where coins that are created in our memory cache, which are fully spent, never need a disk access
< sdaftuar> wallet42: so i wouldn't expect that to be something we implement in the repo
< wallet42> interesting..
< wallet42> we'll it's obviously not for general consuption
< wallet42> also maybe having another leveldb where these spend coins are stored instead of bloating the chainstate db
< wallet42> sdaftuar: what's you estimate for manhours for someone who is familiar with the code for such a change?
< sdaftuar> wallet42: no idea, sorry
< wumpus> i wouldn't expect that to be upstreamed, but yeah you can do the patch for yourself, for better or worse lots of analysis is easiest to do by changing the node code
< sipa> wallet42: i'd rather spend time on creating a project that implements tgat as a separate process than trying to hack it into bitcoind
< wallet42> so how to approach this, zmq block only works after IBD
< wallet42> i would love to not have to much duplicate data
< wumpus> it's a one line change to make zmq notifications work before IBD
< wumpus> certainly faster than hacking how the database works...
< sipa> wallet42: i'd make a python project that uses basic p2p implementation
< wallet42> will bitcoind then wait with processing the blocks and publishing to zmq when a buffer is full?
< wallet42> so get multiple blocks in binary via INV from a local node
< sipa> if your bitcoind is pruned, there is no duplication
< sipa> with manual pruning you can inform bitcoind when you're ready processing a block
< wumpus> no, bitcoind will never block on zmq notifications
< wumpus> adding that wouldn't be too difficult either if zmq supports it
< wallet42> wumpus: python will much slower to process blocks than bitcoind
< wumpus> pypy is nice
< wallet42> sipa: what about an rpc that i can use to query the blockindex and then access the *.blk files ondisk?
< wumpus> and python is much more flexible as to formulating queries and analysis etc then hardcoding things into c++
< wallet42> wumpus: love pypy, unfortunatly wasn't able to compile leveldb bindings for pypy3.6
< wumpus> then don't use leveldb
< wumpus> wallet42: you can look at contrib/linearize, it pretty much does that, though not through an RPC
< wumpus> it builds its own mapping from block hash to location on disk
< wumpus> it only uses rpc to get the list of block hashes that is the current chain
< sipa> wallet42: you can use the rest interface to request blocks in binary
< sipa> probably faster than rpc
< sipa> p2p protocol is probably even faster
< wumpus> that, too, though there's still a deserialize/serialize involved in that case, in principle rest could send the data directly from disk but it doesn't
< wallet42> sendfile linux?
< wumpus> maybe
< wallet42> okay thanks for the pointers!
< wumpus> in any case, usually optimization work is wasted if all you do is a one-time analysis
< wumpus> just use a big machine
< wumpus> hw is cheap custom software is not
< wallet42> i want to build a in-memory blockchain database. instead of 1 big machine, have multiple machines indexed different parts of the chain
< wallet42> clusterdb
< wallet42> then have a map/reduce approach to queries
< wumpus> it's a pity bitcoin's block chain is so easy to analyse isn't it
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< sdaftuar> ;;tblb 3600
< gribble> The expected time between blocks taking 1 hour and 0 seconds to generate is 1 week, 3 days, 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 14 seconds
< sdaftuar> ;;tblb 7200
< gribble> The expected time between blocks taking 2 hours and 0 seconds to generate is 51 years, 15 weeks, 4 days, 23 hours, 13 minutes, and 38 seconds
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sdaftuar opened pull request #11534: Evict outbound peers if tip is stale (master...2017-10-stale-tip-eviction) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11534
< PatBoy> thx to all your great work guys ! (sry for writing spam here)
< wumpus> *cries* more travis failures on master
< wumpus> "Please upgrade to at least gpg 2.1.10 to check for weak signatures"
< cfields> wtf, that was working yesterday
< wumpus> it was!
< wumpus> we did nothing wrong
< wumpus> they should stop messing with their infrastructure, it's getting annoyging
< cfields> wumpus: ah, that doesn't happen on PRs, only pushes
< cfields> I assume the switch to minimal did this. They must've had a gpg ppa in the bigger image
< cfields> trying to find a fix
< ArgenTo> hi
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] practicalswift opened pull request #11535: test: Avoid unintentional unsigned integer wraparounds (master...unsigned-integer-wraparounds) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11535
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] ryanofsky opened pull request #11536: Rename account to label where appropriate (master...pr/acct) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11536
< achow101> we should stop using travis *ducks*
< karelb> Travis is getting very unreliable recently
< karelb> But you get what you pay for :)
< wumpus> we'd pay for better travis support if it was possible!
< wumpus> however there's no paid option for open source projects
< karelb> Oh :(
< karelb> That's unfortunate
< cfields> wumpus: i have a ticket open atm about my suspended account (suspected of mining, i assume). I'll ask again when I hear back.
< wumpus> cfields: thanks, hopefully they'll resolve that any time soon. mining. lol
< cfields> wumpus: i assume the recent monero js mining stuff has made things difficult for them :(
< achow101> what does "language: minimal" mean? I can't seem to find docs about it
< cfields> achow101: it just selects their most minimal base image
< achow101> oh
< cfields> i can't find wtf a usable gnupg2 is installed on the big generic image, though :\
< wumpus> it makes no sense
< arubi> last time I tried tracking these things, I ended up in https://quay.io/organization/travisci . most updated seems to be te-main, you can follow tag -> sha of specific commit -> packages to see versions and stuff. eventually I ended up using their docker infrastructure to just run vanilla docker images
< cfields> wumpus: wait, i can actually reproduce the error locally
< cfields> ah, jeez
< cfields> so many red herrings
< cfields> one of sipa's old keys expired last night
< cfields> and verify-commit doesn't play nice with that
< * cfields> punts to BlueMatt
< BlueMatt> argh
< cfields> BlueMatt: for travis, i think we can just verify the commit range rather than the whole branch?
< cfields> that would solve this issue at least
< BlueMatt> no
< BlueMatt> if verify-commits is broken, master needs to be force-pushed
< cfields> oh wait nm, these aren't PRs
< BlueMatt> thats kinda the whole point
< BlueMatt> if a key is expired, however, you can just un-expire the key
< BlueMatt> and then verify-commits will magically work again
< BlueMatt> ohoh, its a super old commit
< BlueMatt> lemme look
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] sdaftuar opened pull request #11538: qa: Fix replace-by-fee race condition failures (master...2017-10-fix-rbf-test) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11538
< BlueMatt> cfields: v
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] TheBlueMatt opened pull request #11539: [verify-commits] Allow revoked keys to expire (master...2017-10-verify-regsig-expsig) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11539
< cfields> BlueMatt: i'm confused. I get different strings out of gpg
< cfields> (looking at git verify-commit --raw <sha>)
< cfields> oh wait, REVKEYSIG/EXPKEYSIG take the place of VALIDSIG
< BlueMatt> no they dont?
< cfields> ok then confused. Could you paste your output of verify-commit --raw ?
< BlueMatt> cfields: you should get a VALIDSIG line AND a REGKEYSIG/EXPKEYSIG line, you will however, not get a GOODSIG line (which is what git wants to see)
< cfields> ok, gotcha
< BlueMatt> are you getting confused between the --weak-digest sha1 pass and the one missing it?
< cfields> no, i'm good. I was thinking different gpg versions might use different terms.
< cfields> i was just missing the EXPKEYSIG output, only saw "KEYEXPIRED"
< BlueMatt> ah, k