< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] hebasto opened pull request #16381: Set minimum required Boost to 1.53.0 (master...20190713-bump-minimum-boost) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16381
< jb55> what was the rationale for having the include_watchonly option everwhere. It seems with psbt+hw wallets, many people would want include_watchonly to be default. perhaps rpcs could somehow default this to on for watchonly wallets?
< dongcarl> jb55: I've wondered about that too... Perhaps you can post an issue if you don't get an answer here
< jb55> I see it now IsWalletFlagSet(WALLET_FLAG_DISABLE_PRIVATE_KEYS) we can just check that right? I'll put together a PR.
< dongcarl> Sounds like an achow101 question :-)
< achow101> jb55: it's a leftover from ages ago when watchonly was first introduced
< jb55> I already implemented a fix, pr soon
< bitcoin-git> [bitcoin] jb55 opened pull request #16383: rpcwallet: default include_watchonly to true for watchonly wallets (master...20190713-watchonly-defaults) https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/16383
< emilengler> How can I execute "test/lint/lint-whitespace.sh" locally to check my code?
< sipa> emilengler: does just running it not work?
< emilengler> sipa, when I execute the command nothing happens. I get instantly back to my shell
< sipa> ah