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< shesek> is there a way to get the fee estimates out of a running instance, something like savemempool? I'm guessing it probably won't be safe to simply copy the fee_estimates.dat file while the instance is running?
< phantomcircuit> shesek, there's an rpc
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< midnightmagic> sipa: Hey man, I think your graphs are paused again.
< midnightmagic> at least.. I think this one is? http://bitcoin.sipa.be/speed-lin.png
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< shesek> phantomcircuit, there is? that's great! I haven't been able to find it, how's it called?
< phantomcircuit> shesek, estimatefee
< instagibbs> shesek, estimatesmartfee, estimatefee is deprecated(removed?)
< shesek> I meant get the actual fee estimates raw data out, akin to getting mempool data with "savemempool", only for fee_estimates.dat. I'm trying to do that in order to spin up a bitcoind new instance to replace the old one without losing mempool and fee estimates data and without shutting down the first instance before the new one is ready
< shesek> s/bitcoind new/new bitcoind/
< shesek> is it safe to just copy it?
< sipa> shesek: should be; it's rewritten using "write new file + move over old file"
< sipa> so copying should always give you a stable state
< shesek> thanks!
< shesek> how often does bitcoind write it to disk?
< sipa> shesek: only at shutdown i think
< sipa> d_t:
< shesek> I see, so I copying it out of a running instance won't really work, it will be quite outdated by then