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< ZEFRON> hey
< ZEFRON> im trying to fork a crypto project, which one doesn't matter to me as long as it is PoW based, but so far I have had some problems.
< ZEFRON> 1. Projects don't like people forking, it would seem.
< ZEFRON> 2. When I tried to fork Bitcoin-core I hit a roadblock with my implementation at the inability to gracefully access node.chainman within CheckProofOfWork()
< ZEFRON> 3. I forked Monero and had a lot more success, but again the community is kinda dead when you ask about forking the project.
< ZEFRON> It seems my major roadblock in getting help is the general attitude community members have to other people forking a project.
< ZEFRON> I'm not forking to get rich, I am just trying to experiment with an idea I have had concerning PoW, and I want to use one of the existing projects as a vessel as a proof-of-concept to this idea of mine
< ZEFRON> I don't know what to really do, because working with these big projects is already hard enough in the sense that they take a lot of time to compile with certain changes. Getting familiar with the source code is fine and working out strange problems with excessive breakpoints is fine also but. I feel like, no I wonder why communities are so reluctant to help even with basic questions that could save people like me a lot
< ZEFRON> of time.
< ZEFRON> Maybe I am just pissing in the wind here so to speak
< shiza> ZEFRON: there's a doc called COPYING, there you'll find the rules.
< shiza> Oh, my bad, I thought this was #bitcoin.
< ZEFRON> shiza why would the channel make a difference to your response? and COPYING only contains the MIT licence
< ZEFRON> MIT = No rules and we take no responsibility.
< shiza> You have to include the copyright and permission notices in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
< devrandom> https://github.com/devrandom/gitian-builder/pull/249 changes the way docker base VM are built - `apt-cacher-ng` is run under docker instead of using the system one. seeking feedback whether there are any cases where this is *not* desirable (and therefore whether it should be feature gated). Cc achow101 MarcoFalke
< achow101> devrandom: not everyone has or wants to have docker installed
< devrandom> this is gated by DOCKER anyway, so it doesn't affect non-docker builds
< achow101> I'll leave some comments in the pr
< devrandom> thank you
< sipa> ZEFRON: sorry, off topic here
< roconnor> Did taproot activate on testnet?
< achow101> roconnor: apparently it did. since 2011968