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< hebasto> ryanofsky: what is the reason to a user to provide -prune=NNN option during the first bitcoin-qt start (or along with -choosedatadir)?
< hebasto> on master the intro dialog just swallows NNN and returns prune=true
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< ryanofsky> hebasto, i'm pretty sure it's just a corner case. or maybe someone very clever would do it to save a mouse click. code should just be simple and not do complicated things for this case, is long as behavior is reasonable
< hebasto> could we just skip this corner case, as current behavior is inconsistent?
< hebasto> providing -prune=NNN during the first bitcoin-qt does not actually set prune to NNN MiB as expected (both before pr17696 and now on master)
< hebasto> ryanofsky: I found such behavior working on your comments to #17453
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/17453 | gui: Fix intro dialog labels when the prune button is toggled by hebasto . Pull Request #17453 . bitcoin/bitcoin . GitHub
< luke-jr> hebasto: ryanofsky: someone should just rebase Knots' intro to Core; it's handled this stuff for a long time
< luke-jr> (or alternatively merge rwconf so it's simply another PR)
< ryanofsky> yes, i thought the part of that change replacing >=550 check with >1 had no effect, but you are right that it does have some minor effect. either way i'd suggest reverting that change
< hebasto> ryanofsky: reverting that change seems ok, but is it nicer to drop -prune command-line option parsing in the intro?
< hebasto> luke-jr: do you mean #11082 ?
< gribble> https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11082 | Add new bitcoin_rw.conf file that is used for settings modified by this software itself by luke-jr . Pull Request #11082 . bitcoin/bitcoin . GitHub
< ryanofsky> hebasto, i'm just inclined to have prs do one thing at a time so changes are simple and can we don't wind up bundling bad changes with good changes
< hebasto> ryanofsky: totally agree
< ryanofsky> maybe another reason somebody would want to use -prune setting at startup is that the intro dialog doesn't currently allow adjusting the size, and so supporting it lets them do that
< ryanofsky> or did we remove that ability in the last pr...
< ryanofsky> luke-jr, would be curious to see a screenshot of knots intro, maybe post it to an github issue for RFC
< hebasto> no, we didn't
< luke-jr> hebasto: yes 11082 is rwconf, dependency of lots of improvements in Knots that haven't made it into Core yet
< hebasto> ryanofsky: just intro's output is boolean prune, not integer
< ryanofsky> thanks, i remember now, last pr only hardcodes the 2gb when pruning is disabled, otherwise it would use the commadn line value
< hebasto> yes, it would use the command line value *inside* the Intro; but the output is bool only.
< ryanofsky> and continue to use the provided value after the intro (to prune data if the box is checked), i'm assuming?
< luke-jr> don't have a screenshot handy, but it has a field to enter the size in MB
< luke-jr> porting to Core would likely require using GB instead
< luke-jr> (and tells you how stale your wallet backups can be with given size)
< hebasto> ryanofsky: no, it doesn't...
< ryanofsky> hmm why doesn't it get used? it looks like it be converted to gb, but saved and force set after that
< hebasto> before 17696 it sets to existed gui setting or default; now it set to default
< hebasto> never to provided command-line option
< ryanofsky> ok, i'm confused about why because it seems to be calling gArgs.GetArg("-prune", 0) which should have the command line value
< ryanofsky> but i can look into it more if i'm just being dense
< ryanofsky> not sure if you had a question for me, you can ignore my comments if they are inapplicable
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